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Rosario High School bids farewell to the headmaster, Mr. Aloysius D’Souza

December 2, 2022

Mangaluru: A felicitation programme to Mr. Aloysius DSouza who has rendered his service as a teacher for about 38years and as a Headmaster for 15 years 8 months was held on November 30th at Rosario Cultural Hall.

The retired sir was welcomed with the guard of honour. The programme commenced with a prayer song and the students welcomed the gathering by welcome dance. Students expressed their gratitude through a farewell song and as a sign of respect offered him bouquet of flowers. Mrs. Laveena D’Souza shared her experience about the service, commitment, discipline, honesty, sincerity, straight forward approach and leadership qualities of the retired sir. Staff members wished him good health and contended retired life through a song. Mrs. Alice K.J senior teacher read out the letter of honour and said that his attractive speech, positive approach, able leadership has been a role model and it will be remembered forever.

Mr. Aloysius, the retired Headmaster was honoured by shawl, pheta, fruits, flowers and a 8 gram gold coin, his mother and wife were also honoured by bouquet of flowers.

The retired sir who received the honour thanked the almighty for the gift of life for 60 years commermorated the events happened in the past 38 years of his teaching career and thanked our Patroness, The Queen of the Holy Rosary for blessing and protecting him all through these years. He expressed his gratitude towards Bethany sisters, who had appointed him at Rosa Mistica Primary School, all the past secrataries of the Catholic Board of Education, past correspondents, HM’s, co-teachers. He remembered his teachers who had taught him. He also gave a message “grab all the opportunities to grow, and attain heights through love” .He also thanked the present correspondent for the guidance, love and appreciation. He expressed his gratitude to the teaching and non-teaching staff for the love and affection, cooperation and for the arrangements of the farewell programme.

The presence of the present as well as the Alumni in large numbers made our sir happy, especially the special invitees were the 3 students selected from the school were the retired sir had rendered his service.

The Secretary of the Catholic Board of Education Rev. Fr. Antony Shera appreciated the hardwork and determination which made the retired sir to reach great heights and also thanked for his service as the member of the governing body of Catholic Board of Education.

S.L. Bhoje Gowda the member of the Legislative Council of Karnataka who was the special guest thanked the CBE and the Christian Institutions for the service rendered to the society in the field of education, commemorated the retired sir’s leadership quality, straight forward speech and the service rendered to the society, thanked him and wished him all the very best.

Mr. S. Cyprian Monteiro, Principal CTE Mangaluru appreciated the multi-talents of the retired sir and also thanked the CBE for rendering service to the society in the field of education.

Mrs. Rajalaxmi, DDPI and Principal DIET, Mangaluru appreciated the disciplined life and the leadership quality which has made the retired sir to attain great heights.

Mr. Ganesh Karnik, Ex MLC, addressed the gathering and appreciated the hardwork and determination of the retired sir.

Mr. Abdul Lathif corporator of the port ward on behalf of the ward members wished all the very best and thanked the retired sir for his corporation especially during the election time.

In the presidential address correspondent very Rev. Fr. Alfred John Pinto said that it is our privilege to have a dynamic teacher, who will be remembered always.

In the presidential address Msgr. Very Rev. Maxim L. Noronha, Vicar General Diocese of Mangaluru, appreciated the hardwork, dedication and the service rendered to the Catholic Board of Education and said that may the new beginning be filled with happy memories of the years you have spent for the upliftment of the school.

Rev. Fr.  Vinod Lobo Administrator Rosario Higher Primary School, Mrs. Mavis HM of Rosario Higher Primary School, the members of the Kreeda bharathi, MCHMPA, PTA members, Bhandavya Friends Club felicitated and  honoured sir by presenting a momento and bouquet of flowers.

Mr. Vernon D’Souza, the son of the retired sir thanked the Management, the correspondent, teaching and non-teaching staff for the cooperation, love and affection.

Senior teacher Mrs. Alice K.J, teaching and non-teaching staff, PTA executive committee members, parents, Rosario Church Parish Council Vice President Mr. Gilbert Dsilva, management committee members, CRP Mr. Hemanth and Mr. Prasad, BRP Mrs. Saritha, MCHMPA members, the retired staff of Rosario High School were present.

Teacher Mrs. Laveena Quadras welcomed the gathering. Mr. Pradeep D.M. Havanje compered the programme.

A PPT was presented as a gesture of love to cherish the memories of the retired sir at Rosario High School. The farewell programme concluded by the fellowship meal.