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One day Seminar on Bethany Pedagogy by Sr Rose Margaret BS

January 29, 2022

To teach is to touch the lives for ever.
Teachers You are the light of the World.
Bethany teacher should be a luminous person. She should carry the light all around.

Mangaluru: The Management – Bethany Educational Society organised a one day Teacher Enhancement Programme for the staff of St Theresa’s School, St Sebastian School and St Joseph’s School , Kankanady, Mangaluru on January 29th , 2022 at St Theresa’s School Hall, Bendur, Mangaluru.

 The programme commenced at 8:00am with a welcome and an introduction of the resource person Sr Rose Margaret BS by Mrs Sangeeta.

Sr Lourdes welcomed Sr Rose Margaret with a floral bouquet.

Sr Rose Margaret started the session with a prayer service along With a symbolic lighting of the lamp by the teacher representative.

The session started with the teachers understanding the Bethany Pedagogy.

The whole process of Education is an endeavour to find the truth about oneself, others, world and cosmos at large.

We need to follow the Integrated (Holistic) Pedagogy where we consider the whole some of a person.

Sister stressed on the need that the Teachers need to have passion for their profession, have a love for learning, willing to learn themselves and genuinely interested in discovering new answers themselves.

Sister also highlighted the importance of lesson planning as it is a vital component of the teaching learning process. Teachers need to move systematically to reach learner goals was explained by sister.

Lesson plan helps the teacher maintain the focus. A lesson plan from a lesson that went really well is like a Personal Award Certificate was explained to everyone.

The seminar concluded with a group discussion and an enactment of a lesson plan. Sr Rose Margaret asked the teachers to ponder upon what special quality in education would be followed by them after attending this seminar. A meaningful prayer song was shown to the gathering highlighting the importance of God’s grace in everything we do.

Sr Caron, the school Vice Principal, presented Sr Rose Margaret with a small token of appreciation. Mrs Ritty proposed the vote of thanks and Mrs Jasmine concluded the day’s programme with a prayer.

All the teachers found the program to be interactive, informative and interesting.