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Nature Club students of St Agnes College (Autonomous) visit Arboratum

December 4, 2019

Mangaluru: Nature Club students of St Agnes College (Autonomous) visited Arboratum, Medicinal Plant Section, Pilikula Nisargadhama.

Plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before prehistoric period. Traditional systems of medicine continue to be widely practiced on many accounts and plant materials as a source of medicines have been used for a wide variety of human ailments.

The students of Nature Club under the convener-ship of Prof. Saramma E P, Head, Dept of Zoology, were taken on a study trip to Pulikula Nisargadhama , Vamanjoor, Mangaluru to visit n to get introduced to the commonly growing regional medicinal plants that have been used as rich resources of medicinal herbs.

The section of Medicinal Plantation area is a part of the Arboretum that consists of the plants and the trees of different parts of Western Ghats that are considered to b endangered.

Mr Udaya Kumar Shetty, the Officer in – charge , introduced various plants , medicinal components of each variety, the mode they are used to prepare the medicine and the various ailments for which they are used for healing or managing. It was indeed an eye opener for the students to get an exposure to such vast knowledge and thereby learn to appreciate the use & value of indigenous medicine, the traditional practices and the necessity to conserve these essential plants that definitely had enabled our ancestors to lead a healthy happy life.

Apart from gaining knowledge from the expert, the visit has also motivated the students to go back to Nature for their common ailments, grow such plants in their compounds , College garden and also encourage others to do so.