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“MONTHI FEST” celebration by Vamanjooreans UAE 

September 21, 2022

Dubai, September 18, 2022: Vamanjooreans UAE, a profound community residing in Dubai, honoured the birthday of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, on the occasion of the Feast of the Family called “MONTHI FEST.”

As a family, all members were gathered on September 18th, 2022 at 11:00 AM at Biryani 2020 restaurant, Oud Mehta, Dubai.

Vamanjooreans residing in the UAE, as a family, celebrated the occasion with great respect towards Mother Mary by praising, singing hymns, offering flowers and staying there after drinking Novem in a traditional way. It was an inimitable opportunity for everyone to meet their fellow parishioners. The programme was initiated by praising Mother Mary with the hymn “Sakkad Sangatha Melyan”. This, along with the offering of flowers, was done in a procession.

Prayers were led by Joyline Pinto and her team (Lavita, Preema, Elvira, Lydia, Flavin, and Joel).

The emcee, Mrs. Sunita D’souza, did a fantastic job by asking some questions related to Vamanjoor’s history of the Catholic community. She engaged the audience in participating in various games and other cultural activities.

The Chief Guest, Rev. Father Victor Fernandes, gave an inspiration and blessed the event, and also made a cultur NOVEN JEVAN come alive, along with the President Johnson Monteiro and other elderly personnel on the dais.

All were fascinated by a solo dance performance by Delisha and Jeenal.

A group dance was performed by Roshan and Lenora.

As Vamanjooreans do not lack talent, no matter what the circumstance is. The catholic youth of Vamanjoor are filled with immense energy, which everyone wants to showcase at the best.

Therefore, a wonderful group dance was performed by Clavia, Sandhya, Flavan, Jovita, Preema, Denzil, Lavita, Vinay, Lynal and Elvira.

Vamanjooreans are not only good at dance but do have some melodious voice too.

Mr. Joel Pinto and Mrs. Sheetal D’souza, smoothened everyone’s mind with their euphonious voices to the ears.

All this would not have been possible if without having the equipment’s to hear. Dj, and sound setup was arranged by Dj Errol.

The occasion dates back to the culture having lunch with variety of food on a Banana Leaf. Yes, the Vamanjooreans UAE had a wonderful lunch on a banana leaf and the food was served by Das Prakash Restaurant Karama, Dubai.

The best traditional outfit award was claimed by Joel Pinto from the male category and Juliana from the Female.

A quiz on the topic of Vamanjoor and history was conducted and, the winner was Delton Miranda.

A popular game called as “HOUSIE HOUSIE” was conducted at the end of the programme and prizes were distributed for the winners.

Had a Baila dance section for all Vamanjooreans to cherish the beautiful memories.

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The whole event was capture on the frame by Merwyn Furtado (Merclicks) to add another slot to memories.

The entire event was formulated under the leadership of Mr. Johnson Monteiro and Stephan Menezes and other committee members.

The event was a splendid success as many Vamanjooreans were present and hope the same in a bigger realm in the future.

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Report By: Merwyn Furtado
Picture Credits: Merclicks (Merwyn Furtado)