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Mangaluru: The grand finale of Konkani Natak Sabha’s 59th singing competition held

September 19, 2023

Mangaluru, Sep 17: The grand finale of the 59th singing competition conducted by the Konkani Natak Sabha (KNS) was held on Sunday, September 17 from 9:30 am at the Don Bosco Hall here.

The program started with the singing of the KNS Anthem. President of KNS, Dr Rocky D’Cunha welcomed the competitors and the gathering. The competition was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by Santhosh Sequeira, a philanthropist and patron of Konkani Natak Sabha, and the guest for the inaugural ceremony, along with renowned singer Ivan Sequeira. Liston D’Souza, vice president of KNS, Floyd D’Mello, general secretary, Cletus Lobo, assistant secretary, Gerald Concessao, treasurer, singing competition conveners Joseph Theodore and Gladys Pereira were present on the dais.

Fr Rocky, in his message, called upon the participants to give their best performance and accept their successes and failures equally, taking into account that this competition is a platform to fulfil their achievements.

Ivan Sequeira, in his inaugural message, said he is one of many singers who started the singing journey from Konkani Natak Sabha’s competitions in his childhood. Looking at Ivan’s singing at Don Bosco Hall, Wilfy Rebimbus gave him a chance to sing in Wilfy Nites. This is how the journey started. Similarly, many singers who performed on this stage have shone, reached new heights, and become popular singers in Konkani.

Unlike previous rounds of the competition, the Grand Finale was a new concept adopted by the Konkani Natak Sabha last year. The competitors performed with Track Singing. The grand finale was a contest among the top five competitors selected from the second round of the competition. A total of 60 entries from 12 different categories, with 170 participants ranging from 5 to 10 years, 10 to 15 years, 15 to 45 years, and above 45 years, gave a tough competition in the solo, duet, mixed group, and married couple categories.

Fr Denis D’Sa, renowned musicians Roshan D’Souza Angelore, Sanjay Rodrigues, and Sangeeth Guru Joel Pereira were officiated as the esteemed judges for the competition.

The competition received valuable support from Alwyn D’Souza Bajal, Shanthi Dias, Diana D’Souza, Khushi Riyana Dlima, Glanny D’Souza Bajal, Savitha Rebello, Deepak D’Souza, Judith D’Souza Angelore, Deliya Ivin Crasta, and Stany Bela, production manager of Daijiworld 24×7, and assistance from KNS Managing Committee members and KNS Bejai unit members.

KNS manager Boniface Pinto and former vice president of KNS, Sunil Menezes, handled the computation of scores.

Melwyn Rodrigues, director-operations of Daijiworld Media Pvt Ltd., founder of Kavita Trust and convenor of the Konkani Advisory Board of Sahitya Academy, Santhosh Sequeira, Kankanady patron of Konkani Natak Sabha, Anil Lobo Fermai, chairman of MCC Bank and Vishwas Rebimbus were the guests for the valedictory ceremony.

Liston D’Souza, vice president of KNS, welcomed all the dignitaries present and gave a brief introduction to how this year’s singing competitions were organised in three places: Mumbai, Udupi, and Mangaluru.

Anil Lobo Fermai, Chairman of Mangalore Catholic Co-operative Bank Ltd., congratulated the organizing committee of KNS for successfully organizing this year’s 59th Singing Competition in such a grand manner. He also said MCC Bank has been supporting Konkani programmes for the past many years. As the bank is celebrating 111 years of its existence, he promised to support KNS in its future events. In his message to the participants of the competition, he said many people among ourselves try to oppress us so as to finish our efforts at reaching greater heights in our lives. He called upon everyone not to give up their efforts in any adverse situations. He said he had an ambition to reach a certain goal in life. Despite many odds and oppositions, he reached his present position through his struggle and continuous efforts. He requested that all the competitors take his efforts as an example in life.

Melwyn Rodrigues appreciated the relationship between Konkani Natak Sabha and Daijiworld Media Private Ltd. for jointly presenting quality Konkani programmes to Konkani lovers all over the world. He thanked Konkani Natak Sabha and its office bearers for their selfless efforts in organising so many Konkani competitions since the last 80 years. As far as his knowledge is concerned, KNS is the only Konkani organization to continuously organise so many competitions to bring out the talents every year in the past 59 years.

Addressing the gathering, Vishwas Rebimbus said, “In the past 80 years, Konkani Natak Sabha has made tremendous contributions to Konkani art and culture. Thousands of artists have showcased their talents at this Don Bosco Hall stage and have reached new heights. He also said “If you fail in your first attempt, never give up, because failure means the first attempt at learning”.

Rev. Dr Rocky D’Cunha, in his presidential message, thanked and congratulated all the participants for making all of us happy with their melodious singing. We must thank and praise God for giving us the talent of music and singing (Psalm 49:4). As St Augustine says, “One who sings, prays twice”, you have not only entertained us but prayed too. All the artists who come and participate on the stage of Don Bosco Hall are ever grateful for this sacred sanctuary. This stage is a launching pad for many artists, including musicians and singers. Winning an award on this stage is like winning an Oscar. If you are not successful at one attempt, try again and again. Never give up. Failure is the stepping stone to success. Thanks for joining hands with KNS through your participation. Special thanks to Daijiworld, MCC Bank, and our sponsors. Do continue to support us in promoting Konkani language and culture. “Long live Konani Natak Sabha; long live Konkani Bhas.”.

Joseph Theodore, one of the competition conveners, introduced the judges, and general secretary Floyd D’Mello proposed a vote of thanks.

Jeshma D’Souza compared the programme and announced the results. A huge number of Konkani music lovers, parents and relatives of the competitors, journalists, columnists, singers, music composers, lyricists, priests, and nuns witnessed the programme.

Sonali Suzanne Noronha and Melona Clisha Saldanha of Bajpe won the Best Singing award in this year’s competition.

The second round and grand finale of the 59th Singing will be televised on Daijiworld 24×7 Television in the coming days, episode-wise.

The 80th annual day celebration of KNS will be held on September 24 from 4–30 p.m. onwards, followed by prize distribution, and the ‘Carmel Second Street’ Konkani drama, written by Stany Bela and directed by Melwyn D’Almeida Valencia, will be staged as part of the entertainment.

The results are as follows:

5 to 10 Years Solo

– First Place: Simona Nicole D’Sa, Milagres
– Second Place: Prithesh Selwyn Saldanha, Neermarga
– Third Place: Ashel Keziya D’Souza, Ranipura

10 to 15 Years Solo

– First Place: Arvin Chris D’Cunha, Cordel
– Second Place: Alreena Diya Rodrigues, Bendur
– Third Place: Erika Fernandes, Mumbai

10 to 15-Year Duet

– First Place: Velsie Castelino & Jiya Alishya Mendonca, Pangla
– Second Place: Eva Barboza & Erika Fernandes, Mumbai
– Third Place: Arvin Chris D’Cunha & Neha Castelino, Cordel

10 to 15-year-old mixed group

– First Place: Jiya Alishya Mendonca & Group, Pangla
– Second Place: Ania Deora Mascarenhas & Group, Bejai
– Third Place: Tiara Maria Rebello & Group, Valencia / Milagres

15 to 45 Years Women’s Solo

– First Place: Sonali Suzanne Noronha, Bajpe
– Second Place: Ishney Melaida Fernandes, Kemmannu
– Third Place: Rishal Melba Crasta, Cordel

15 to 45 Years Men’s Solo

– First Place: Derick Machado, Neermarga
– Second Place: Ditesh D’Souza, Kulur
– Third Place: Rolwyn Moras, Cordel

15 to 45 Years Women’s Duet

– First Place: Sonali S Noronha & Melona Clisha Saldanha, Bajpe
– Second Place: Melvita Treza D’Souza & Flavia Violet Mascarenhas, Cordel
– Third Place: Marisha Saldanha & Abigail Crasta, Bondel

15 to 45 Years Mens Duet

– First Place: Anwin Baptist & Arwin Baptist, Urwa
– Second Place: Rolwyn Moras & Ethan Raphael Tauro, Cordel
– Third Place: Ditesh D’Souza & Listan Pinto, Kulur

Above 15 Years Mixed Group

– First Place: Calvina Ancilla Pinto & Group, Cordel
– Second Place: Crystal Jyothi Lobo & Group, Vittal
– Third Place: Renisha Rodrigues & Group, Vittal

Above 45 Years Women’s Solo

– First Place: Lona Saritha D’Souza, Kinnigoli
– Second Place: Veronica D’Souza, Mumbai
– Third Place: Jyothi D’Souza, Bendur

Above 45 Years Men’s Solo

– First Place: Ronald G D’Souza, Bejai
– Second Place: Sydney Correa, Mumbai
– Third Place: Allan Sunil Pereira, Omzoor

Married Couples Duet

– First Place: Ravi Saldanha & Zita Saldanha, Neermarga
– Second Place: Maxim D’Souza & Lona Saritha D’Souza, Kinnigoli
– Third Place: Erol Lawrence Andrade & Famina Lolin Moras, Yermal

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