Mangaluru: : ‘Persona 2020’ – One day International Workshop on Personality Development held at St Agnes College, ( Autonomous) – KONKANCATHOLIC.COM

Mangaluru: : ‘Persona 2020’ – One day International Workshop on Personality Development held at St Agnes College, ( Autonomous)

February 19, 2020

Mangaluru, Feb 18: ‘Persona 2020’ a One day International Workshop on Personality Development was organized by the Department of  Commerce, St Agnes College, ( Autonomous) ,  Mangaluru .  Mrs. Niveditha  Mirajkar , Soft skill trainer, Mangaluru,  was the Chief Guest.  Ms Teresa Jacob , Executive Director, ISDC, UK  was the Guest of Honour  and Sr. Dr. Jeswina  AC , Principal,  St .Agnes College, (Autonomous) ,  Mangaluru was the President of the Inaugural  programme.

Ms .Niveditha expressed her joy of being at St. Agnes college, Ms. Teresa spoke to the students and said that it is important for each one of us to have a plan for our life. She said that if we fail to do so, we would be a part of someone else’s plan.  Dr. Sr. Jeswina  A.C  gave her Presidential address. She spoke to the students about the achievements of the College over the hundred years. She said that it is important to care for ourselves and she also gave some tips and suggestions to improve our personality.

 Ms. Nimitha , HOD of the Department of Commerce, St.Agnes College, Mangaluru, Ms. Sheryl. P , Dean of Commerce and Management,  Ms .Anitha, Convener of Persona 2020 , Ms. Anusha  Noronha, Co- Convener of Persona 2020 and Ms. Rakshika , Student Vice- President of Commerce were also present on the dais.

The first session for the day, ‘Mirror mirror on the wall’ was conducted by Ms. Niveditha Mirajkar. She explained a person’s personality using a Johari window. She also shared her experiences with the students.

The second session, ‘ Life skills – Decision making and Critical thinking’ was taken up by Prof. Sushma .V Associate Professor , Sahyadri College of  Engineering and Management , who explained more than 30 skills using a model of four H’s , that is Head, Heart , Hands and Health.

The third session was taken up by Mr. Rayan Lobo Founder and CEO, ‘The Influencer’ HR Consulting and Training, on ‘How to develop a saleable personality’.  He called personality a mystery and through various examples related to everybody’s life. He taught the students to be more confident and to build their personality.

The last session conducted by Mr. Prashanth Alison, Head of the Department of Commerce, Pana Institute of U G Studies, was a fun filled session. The students were taken to the grounds and were divided into groups and various team building activities were conducted for them. The students participated in the games and learnt many skills required while working as a team. There were around 170 students who participated in the workshop. The students who participated included students from our own college and students from 12 colleges in and around Mangaluru. The students enjoyed the sessions and they learnt many skills to improve their personality.