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Lourdes Central School observes Health Week on Digital Platform

July 15, 2021

Mangaluru:  “He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything” –   Arabian proverb

Lourdes Central School observed Health Week on Digital Platform from June 21st – June 26th 2021. It was aimed to promote health consciousness, and adopt healthy habits in students.

During this week, students from KG – 12 participated in an array of classroom activities, meticulously planned by the LCS Health Committee. These activities were also extended for parents, so they were also able to learn more about how to keep their children and themselves fit and healthy.

On the First Day an inspiring virtual Inauguration of the Health Week commenced with a resplendent Prayer song, sung by  Jenica D’souza and Jennissa Pereira  of class 12,  Megan D’souza of class 10, eloquently highlighted the importance of celebrating Health Week  which coincided with the International  Yoga Day. Shreya Arbi of class 10 demonstrated yoga asanas to motivate students to include it in their daily routine.

The surprise activity of day – 1 threw spotlight on the importance of ‘Laughter Therapy’.

Student’s time is spent in front of a digital screen, therefore the   Second Day was focused on Eye Relaxation Technique, demonstrated through a video by Angeline Shinoj of class of 4D. Teachers highlighted the importance of salt water gargling during this Pandemic. Students and parents were extended a surprise task -2 on salt water gargling to be done regularly at home.

On the third  Day  students were encouraged, as surprise task -3 in planting herbs like Tulsi ( Holy Basil) and Aloe Vera.  It helps in purifying the air around and also helps in building immunity. Having good indoor air quality is an important part of living in a healthy home. Students were educated with the aid of PPT.

The Fourth Day was dedicatedto breathing exercises, surprise task – 4. The inclusion of regular breathing exercise helps to regulate stress levels and pumps oxygen into our heart and brain. To expand awareness, Physical Educator Ms Anitha Pinto demonstrated the exercises virtually and guided the students in doing so. Students were advised, to spare time daily for exercises, and to build immunity. Science Teachers of classes 6 – 8 motivated students to follow a healthy diet for healthy life with the activity ‘Vegetable Friends’’ that guided them to understand the importance of eating  nutritious food. Students were asked to prepare a nutritious recipe using any five vegetables as an enrichment activity

On the Fifth Day  a  talk on ‘Drug Dependence’ was given to students of Class 9 and 10 by Fr Deepu Mathew, Asst. Director – BREADS Bangalore, and Ms Amberlina Sharon Karat, Behavioural Therapist and Counsellor. Fr Deepu, punctuated on the side effects of Addiction. He also gave valuable tips on saying NO to drugs.

A session on International Day against Drug Abuse was conducted for students of class 11 and 12 by Ms Lydia Lobo, Administrator at de-addiction centre and  Mr Brandon Mario D’Souza, a Counsellor at Lind De-Addiction and counselling centre-Mangalore .The speakers discussed with the students on how addictions can happen, the mechanisms behind it and the preventive measures that should be taken. Mr. D’souza  also shared a few anecdotes of his experience as a counsellor to bring awareness of real life situations to the students. The surprise activity of the day was to partake in Mindfulness exercise. Incorporating Mindfulness into Education is a powerful tool in improving academic, social and emotional skills, that will help children in the long run.

The little Lourdites of Kindergarten participated in all activities with glee. To expand awareness and understanding of healthy and nutritious food, an action song on ‘Eat Good Feel Good’ was shown to them.

The Health Week thus concluded with a Finale ceremony, compered by Amit Colaco of class 10, which began with the prayer song sung by Portia Furtado of class 9. Students were guided for a  few minutes in meditation, after which Elishia Baptist and Aryan Punja of class 9 shared their experience and tips they’ve learnt throughout the health week. The health pledge, recited by Clive Rego of class 10, was earnestly repeated by every student. As the final surprise activity, students were encouraged to enjoy balanced meals with their family together, and to continue leading a healthy life by including the surprise activities in their daily life.