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Lourdes Central School Mangaluru holds ‘Jyothi Pradhan’ for Outgoing Students

January 21, 2024

Mangaluru: ‘Jyothi Pradhan’ was organised for the outgoing students of class X and class XII at the school grounds on January 20, 2024. To grace the occasion, we had Manager Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha, Principal Rev. Fr. Robert D’Souza, Vice Principals Mrs Belita Mascarenhas and Mrs Anita Thomas, Headboy Arjun Kumar and Headgirl Prajna K. P.

The programme commenced at 8 a.m. by invoking God’s blessings. Prayers of the faithful were led by the teachers, Ms Deepa Dsouza, Ms Shaila Pereira, and Ms Linet D’Souza. The essence of the program, Jyothi Pradhan, was observed by the dignitaries, teachers, and students of classes X and XII.

The Vice Principal, Mrs Belita Mascarenhas, welcomed the gathering and enlightened on the significance of the day.

Emmanuel Furtado of class X-A administered the pledge to the outgoing batch.

Mrs Roshni Jose, the coordinator of the senior secondary section, shared a few words of love and appreciation.

Akshith P. Ullal of class XII C shared his experience with the gathering and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the institution.

The Principal Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza, addressed the students and told them to go into the world, face the challenges, and make a difference.

The Manager Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha, spoke on the occasion and asked the students to read the Holy Scripture and connect with God Almighty, as our lives are a gift of God. He also urged the students to be responsible and grow in values. He urged the parents to give good values to their children and asked the students to walk in their parents’ footsteps.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Jovilla Rodrigues of class X-C. The mementos were presented to the students by the Manager and the Principal. The program concluded with the school anthem. The program was compered Ms Sharmila Culaco.