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Lourdes Central School holds LCS ‘Talent Search’

June 20, 2023

Mangaluru: In order to identify and nurture the talents of the students of classes XI and XII, the LCS Talent Search was held on June 17, 2023, in the school auditorium at 8:00 a.m.

The programme started with a prayer song sung by the students of class XI and XII. Skanda Nambiar of class XI B welcomed the gathering. The programme was inaugurated by the Principal Rev. Fr. Robert D’Souza lighting the lamp along with the Vice Principals Ms. Belita Mascarenhas, Ms. Anita Thomas, the program incharge, Ms. Gowri Ravi and the cultural minister Niharika Shetty of class XIIC. In his inaugural address, the Principal urged students the take part in the competitions in large numbers in order to overcome stage fear and for the overall development of one’s personality.

As a part of the talent search Fashion show and Drawing/ Colouring/ Sketching competions were held on the same day. Ms. Saira Pinto and Ms. Alica D’Silva, the office staff were the judges for the fashion show. Teaching staff, Ms. Lisa Peres, Mr. Thyagaraj and Ms. Revathi were the judges for the Drawing/ Colouring/ Sketching competitions. For both these competitions, the theme given was the culture and traditions of Karnataka and Ladhak, The pairing of states as per CBSE.  Pranava S of class XI B proposed the Vote of Thanks. The programme was hosted by Skanda Nambiar and Pranava S of class XI B. The event concluded with the School Anthem.