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Lourdes Central School Conducts Hindi Week

August 6, 2021

Mangaluru: Language is the road map of culture. It tells us where people come from and where they are going.

To acknowledge the significance of the Hindi language and to enhance its importance in modern day, ‘Hindi Week’ was conducted for LCS students from Kindergarten to Class 10 from 19th July 2021 to 22nd July, 2021. With the theme “language of the mind, Language of Love, Hindi, language of the people of India”

The Hindi week aimed at acquainting the students with the importance of language and to teach them to embrace its love and dignity. The students were briefed about the significance of the Hindi day (September 14) in India, the importance of Hindi and why it is essential for all Indians.

The Hindi Week was inaugurated by the Hindi teachers in their respective classes on 19 July, 2021. A variety of activities were conducted for the students. The students of kindergarten to Class 2 had Hindi poetry recitation, where students recited beautiful poems written by famous Hindi poets.  It was a joy to hear different poetry recitation by the little students.

The students of Class 3, Class 4 and class 5 had Hindi story telling competition, where students recited grandma’s tales and other folk stories with correct pronunciation, expression and voice modulation.

The topic for Class 6, Class 7 and Class 8 was best out of waste with Bottle, Coconut shell and Newspapers respectively, made children use whatever material was at home to coming with an Art Integrated activities with a mixture of skill based ideas.

Class 9 & Class 10 had to prepare a comic strip on the topics given. The comic strips brought forth not only as Art work but Art Integrated of writing dialogue through comic strips.

The activities conducted for Classes 6 to Class 10 were also taken as Subjects Enrichment Activity.

 All the students participated actively and there was a positive response and students captured the intricate nuances of the Hindi language.