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Lourdes Central School celebrates the Silver Jubilee Annual Day 2023

December 10, 2023

Mangaluru: Lourdes Central School celebrated the much-anticipated Annual Day on the evening of December 8, 2023, under the theme, “Echoes of the Past, Vision for the Future.”

The event was graced by esteemed personalities. Mr Praveen B. Nayak, Commissioner of Pilikula Development Authority, Mangalore, was the chief guest. MSGR Rev Maxim L Noronha, the Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese, the President of the Function, Rev. Fr John Baptist Saldanha, Manager of LCS, and Rev. Fr Robert Dsouza, Principal, added zest to the august assembly with their gracious presence. The Guests of Honour included Prof. Er Mithra S Rao, Trustee Member, Board of Governors, Srinivas University, and Secretary A.S.F. Mangaluru; Ms. Mary Monisha, PTEC Joint Secretary; Ms. Cynthia Avitha Pinto and Mr Ashok Pinto, Secretary and Vice President of Bejai Parish Pastrol Parishadh; Ms Belita Mascarenhas and Ms Anita Thomas, the Vice Principals; Ms Sristeera Mukerji; and Master Chris Pinto, student representatives, each contributing their unique perspective to the evening’s festivities.

The Annual Day celebration began in grand style with a dignified Guard of Honour, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of the school band. The entourage of distinguished guests, led by ushers in traditional attire, followed a path marked with cultural richness to the central dais. This ceremonial welcome blended modernity with tradition, setting the stage for a vibrant and unforgettable evening.

The formal function commenced with a captivating welcome dance, setting the stage for an evening filled with cultural richness. The soul-stirring prayer song by the school choir added a spiritual touch. Rev. Fr John Baptist Saldanha, the esteemed Manager of LCS, extended a warm welcome to the gathering and shared his heartfelt message. Subsequently, Rev. Fr Robert  Dsouza presented the annual report, offering insights into the school’s achievements and milestones. Ms Belita Mascarenhas, the Vice Principal, gracefully introduced the Chief Guest, Mr Praveen B. Nayak, and the President, Rev. Msgr. Maxim L. Noronha. The Chief President, Guest, and President of the Function were accorded due reverence and admiration as they were honored and felicitated by the dignitaries in attendance.

Mr Praveen B. Nayak, the Chief Guest, captivated the audience with his insightful address, sharing perspectives on the intersection of past experiences and future aspirations. Rev. MSGR Maxim L. Noronha, as the President of the Program, inspired the gathering with his words of wisdom, setting the tone for an evening that celebrated the rich tapestry of our school’s journey.

Ms Anita Thomas, with eloquent articulation, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging and appreciating all contributors to the success of the evening. The formal program culminated on a high note, highlighted by the rendition of the Silver Jubilee Song by the school choir, commemorating 25 years of educational excellence.

The cultural segment of the evening unfolded as a breathtaking extravaganza, with each performance meticulously crafted to reflect the theme. From the Genesis of Time depicted by the young talents of Class 1 to the Grand Finale Sonata presented by the senior students, every act seamlessly blended historical narrative with futuristic visions.

In a captivating journey through time, the school’s Annual Day showcased a kaleidoscope of performances, each class weaving its own thematic tapestry. The evening began with Class 1’s mesmerizing display titled “The Beginning of Time,” unraveling the mysteries of epochs past. Following this, Class 2 took the audience on a captivating journey to the early days of humanity with their enthralling portrayal, aptly titled “Early Humanity.” Class 3 then seized the spotlight, unveiling “Inventions and Discoveries that Transformed Civilizations.”

The innocence and charm of Nursery Rhymes and Fairytales came to life in KG 1 & 2’s delightful performance, titled “A Nostalgic Sojourn.” Class 4 followed, taking a solemn turn with their presentation on “Harbingers of Peace,” paying homage to social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy. A regal ambiance enveloped the hall as Class 5 unfolded “Tales of Royalty,” featuring historical luminaries such as Prithviraj Chauhan, Mysore Wadiyar, Shivaji, and Abbaka Rani. Class 6 continued the thematic richness with “Tales of Valour,” highlighting stories of courage and heroism.

Class 7 delved into the poignant portrayal of the “Effects of War,” shedding light on the profound impact on societies and individuals. Following this, Class 8 eloquently retold the story of Ashoka and the transformative reforms he initiated to propagate peace.

Class 9 added a delightful touch to the evening, infusing humour with their Kannada play that showcased the witty anecdotes of Tenali Rama. Classes 11 & 12 then took the spotlight, portraying a vision for the future through a futuristic play that left the audience contemplating the endless possibilities ahead. Finally, Class 10’s rendition of “The Wizard of Oz,” an English Classic Drama, transported the audience into a world of fantasy.

The stage transformed into a magical realm with the Grand Finale Sonata, an exquisite amalgamation of various art forms, bringing the evening to a close and leaving the audience with a sense of nostalgia, inspiration, and anticipation for the future. The program was compeered by the vivacious Nidhi Sahar Johan, Jane Moras, Immunale Furtado, Smrithi Bhat, Shubhan Das, Prachi, Medhansh, Anna Manimala, and Melric. The convenor of the programme was Ms Deepa Dsouza.

As we bask in the afterglow of this splendid celebration, we extend our deepest gratitude to all who contributed to making this event a resounding success. Together, we echo the sentiments of the past and envision a future that reflects the brilliance of our students and the unwavering spirit of Lourdes Central School.