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How to Master Neuroleadership Skills? A New Age Agenda

June 6, 2022

Mangaluru: A student enrichment program on “How to Master NeuroLeadership Skills? A New Age Agenda” was organized by Post Graduate Department of Commerce, St Agnes College, Mangaluru on 4 June 2022 in the P.G. Auditorium. Dr Sudhir Raj K., Professor, Justice K. S. Hegde Institute of Management, NMAMIT, NITTE was the resource person for the programme. The beneficiaries of the session were UG and PG Commerce students and also PG Commerce faculty.

Dr. Sudhir Raj K is the recipient of the prestigious Udupi District Karnataka State Rajyotsava Award 2020 for his contributions to education. He is bestowed with the Aryabhata International Award for his service to the field of Education and Training 2022. He is also the recipient of the Best Management Teacher Award from the Syndicate Bank (Canara Bank) in 2015.

The objective of the Student Enrichment Program was to create an awareness of Neuroscience among UG and PG students and alsoits importance in business world and individual life. The concept of Neuroscience has opened new dimensions in the area of Neuromarketing, Neuroethics, Neuroeconomics and also Neuroleadership. The three hours fruitful session started with invoking God’s blessings. Dr Sudhir initiated his talk with the difference between ape and man. He then carried his presentation and pondered on the importance of Basal Ganglia, Prefrontal Cortex, Anterior Cingulate Cortex, and Mirror Neurons. He kept the audience engaged with his experience through story telling in reference to his visit to Uganda and United States of America. He also highlighted the qualities of a Neuroleader. The session was followed by an interactive discussion. Dr. Sudhir gave away small tokens of appreciation to the students who involved themselves in the discussion. The participants were happy and appreciated the effort taken by the department. They acknowledged that it was really a learning experience for them and want to have more session like this in future. e-Certificates were provided to all participants.