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Honoring the Literary Legacy of Edwin D’Souza: A Tribute by St. Aloysius College

November 21, 2023

Mangaluru: In a poignant tribute to the late Konkani literary stalwart Edwin D’Souza, Dr. Fr. Praveen Martis S.J., Principal of St. Aloysius College, emphasized the enduring impact of literature as a fitting homage to the revered author. The tribute program took place at the ‘Sahodaya’ Hall of St. Aloysius College.

Dr. Martis acknowledged the significant contributions of Edwin D’Souza, who penned over 33 novels and more than 100 short stories, enriching Konkani literature. He urged attendees to perpetuate D’Souza’s literary legacy through thoughtful exploration and appreciation of his extensive body of work.

During the commemorative event, various initiatives were announced, including the digitization of Edwin D’Souza’s complete works, the transliteration of selected pieces from Kannada script into Devanagari, the translation of his distinguished literary works into multiple Indian languages, and the adaptation of his selected short stories into theatrical genres like ‘Katharanga.’

Organized under the leadership of St. Aloysius College (Autonomous) Konkani Institute, in collaboration with Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, Vishwa Konkani Centre Shaktinagar, Michael D’Souza Vision Konkani, and Rakno Weekly, the program aimed to ensure the perpetuity of D’Souza’s literary contributions.

Dr. Praveen Martis paid homage to Edwin J. F. D’Souza, who served as the director of the Konkani Institute for approximately 11 years. D’Souza also served as the editor of 35 issues of ‘Amar Konkani,’ the sole Konkani research monthly published in Kannada and Devanagari scripts for the past four decades. St. Aloysius College expressed profound respect for D’Souza’s enduring impact.

Kishu Barkur, an authority in Konkani literature, shared insights on how to keep D’Souza’s memory alive through the study of his literary works. Dr. Chandralekha D’Souza, retired Head of the Department of Konkani at Goa University, spoke on D’Souza’s acclaimed works, including the Central Literary Award-winning ‘Kalem Bhangar’ and the existentialist masterpiece ‘Hamv Jeetham.’

Prominent figures present at the event included Sahitya Akademi Executive Committee Member and Konkani Advisory Committee Head Mr. Melwyn Rodrigues, World Konkani Centre Dr. B. Devdas Pai, ‘SAACA’ President Mr Sunil Kunder, Registrar of St Aloysius College Dr. Alwyn D’Sa, and President of Konkani Writers and Artists Association Mr. Ronald Sequeira, Program Coordinator, Institute of Konkani, Mr Joachim Pinto, each offering their tributes.

Dr. Fr. Melwyn Pinto S.J., Director of the Konkani Institute, conveyed a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants. The program was gracefully compered by Konkani literature journalist H. M. Pernal, underscoring the significance of preserving and celebrating Edwin D’Souza’s rich literary legacy.