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Honoring a Medical Luminary: The Late Dr. V.V. Mody Memorial Oration

January 24, 2024

Mangaluru: The Association of Physicians of India (API) DK Chapter, Mangalore, pays homage to the late Dr. V.V. Mody, a distinguished former physician of Father Muller Hospital, by organizing the annual Late Dr. V.V. Mody Memorial Oration. This prestigious oration serves as a platform for esteemed professionals to share insights into medical ethics, values, and ethos. Recently, during the Annual Conference of API DK Chapter, also known as MAPICON, the oration was delivered by Dr. Venkatesh BM, Professor, and Former HOD Dept of Medicine, FMMC. The event took place at Yenopoya Medical College, Mangalore.

The topic of this year’s oration was “Ethos in Medicine,” a crucial theme that underscores the importance of ethical principles in the practice of medicine. Dr. Venkatesh BM, with his vast experience and expertise, provided valuable perspectives on maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in the medical field.

The late Dr. V.V. Mody, born on August 28, 1923, in Ahmedabad, was a physician par excellence and a revered figure in the medical community. His commitment to the two ‘Ws”—work and his beloved wife—defined his lifestyle. Dr. Mody completed his education at Grant Medical College in 1946, demonstrating a balanced interest in both surgery and medicine. His early influences included working with renowned surgeons and physicians of his time, shaping his comprehensive approach to patient care.

Dr. Mody’s contributions extended beyond clinical practice. He played a pivotal role in introducing cardiology in 1936 at Fr. Muller’s Hospital. His diverse experience included serving as a Registrar at Vadilal Sarab Hospital in Ahmedabad and later as the C.M.O. and Chief Physician at the Municipal General Hospital in Mahuva-Saurashtra.

In 1955, Dr. Mody joined Fr. Muller’s Hospital, leaving an indelible mark on the institution. He not only initiated significant developments in cardiology but also took charge of the Tuberculosis Sanatorium from 1957 onward. Dr. Mody’s organizational skills and public speaking abilities were evident in his involvement with the Lions Club of Mangalore and his leadership roles within the club.

A philanthropist at heart, Dr. V.V. Mody actively contributed to social causes such as the Lions Artificial Limb Centre and the Seva Mandi Hall. His leadership extended to serving as President of the Gujarati Mahajan Association and the Indian Medical Association, South Kanara Branch.

Dr. V.V. Mody’s personal life reflected a harmonious partnership with his wife, Dr. (Mrs.) Jasunati V. Mody, a pioneering paediatrician in Mangalore. Together, they exemplified the dedication and compassion that define the medical profession.

The Late Dr. V.V. Mody Memorial Oration stands as a tribute to a remarkable individual whose life and contributions continue to inspire the medical community. The oration series ensures that his legacy lives on, providing a platform for introspection and discourse on the ethical foundations of the medical profession.