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Fr Remegius C M Aranha (75) Passes Away

May 30, 2021

Mangaluru, May 30: Fr Remegius C M Aranha, a Senior Priest of the Diocese of Mangalore expired after a short illness on Sunday, May 30 morning. He was 75.

Fr Remegius Aranha was born in Mulky in the year 1945, He was ordained a priest for the diocese of Mangalore on 11th May 1973.

After his ordination, he served the diocese as assistant parish priest in Puttur, parochial administrator at Vorkady for five months, and as parish priest of Ukkinadka, Katipalla, Basrur, Mogarnad, Kanajar, Barkur, Pezar, and Bajal, between the years 1975 to 2018.

He was retired in 2019 and since then living at St Zuze Vaz Home, a home for the retired Priests of the Diocese of Mangalore.

The funeral rites will take place on Monday May 31 at 10 am at Priests’ Cemetery, Valencia Church.