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Fr Muller Medical College Hospital launches 3T MRI, Foetal imaging USG, and Kranium Tech

August 31, 2023

Mangaluru: The Father Muller Medical College Hospital, in its drive for GEN NEXT care for its patients, has been embarking on acquiring state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that have faster processing times and can treat the voluminous flow of patients who come into its care.

On August 31, when Onam, Nativity Season, and Janmastami Season have set in, the hospital blessed, commissioned, and launched its newly acquired technologies through the hands of its President, the Bishop of Mangalore Diocese, Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha. In presence were, as guests of honor, NRI Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Mr Michael Dsouza and the Director of FMCI Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho.

With the ribbon cutting and prayer led by the Bishop the equipment was blest and pronounced open for further use to ‘Heal and Comfort’ the sick. Later, the banner was unveiled, and the list of the newly acquired technologies was put on public display.

Dr Ram Shenoy Basti, Prof and Head of Radio-Diagnosis, briefed the gathering on the 3T MRI and the 2 advanced USG for foetal imaging. He went on to say, Our Philips 3T Ingenia MRI is no less than a Tesla car! It is a State-of-Art Advanced Supeconducting MRI system capable of imaging all body parts. The 3 Tesla here refers to its High Magnetic strength – which allows for Superior quality, Higher Resolution images, and faster scan times.

It has several unique features: DStream digital broad band technology, Wide bore design, ComfortTone, and “Compressed Sense.” Additionally, the Ingenia 3T MRI has a user-friendly interface and advanced imaging capabilities like diffusion-weighted imaging of all body parts, multi-organ MRI spectroscopy, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Fiber tracking, Whole body Diffusion imaging, Neuro Perfusion, Neuro, MSK imaging, Body imaging, breast imaging  , Angio imaging along with a wide range of coils for imaging all body parts. Smart exam automation for imaging of Brain, Spine, Knee , Shoulder at the press of a button. Multivane XD for motion correction. The Ingenia 3T MRI system offers Advanced imaging capabilities, improved patient comfort and efficient workflow.

The new GE Voluson E10 advanced ultrasound system is exclusively designed for Advanced Fetal, Obstetric and Women’s Imaging. It boasts several unique features: RM7C XD Clear Convex Array Matric probe – Gives Exceptional Clarity of Fetal Anatomy, HD live – Provides High Definition fetal Images in 3D and 4D, Slow Flow HD – High Definition images and excellent depiction of fetal vascular structures, Sono Render and MagiCut – Excellent tools for 3D and 4D rendering of fetal structures, Sono-NT and Sono-Biometry – for automated measurements of fetal Biometry, Radiance flow Imaging and Glass body rendering  – gives a 3D like appearance to 2D Doppler images, STIC imaging for Imaging of the fetal heart  – Provides High resolution 3D images of the fetal cardiac structures, which can be acquired and stored for detail assessment of complex cardiac anomalies, Fetal HQ – for automated assessment of fetal cardiac functions, Sono-AVC follicle – for follicle monitoring and infertility workup. This make FMMCH one of few hospitals in Karnataka and the first one in Mangalore to have this technology.

The dignitaries on the dais also launched the new Hospital Management System, Kranium a software custom tailored for the hospitals unending growth. Dr Kishan Shetty Deputy Medical Superintendent of FMMCH said ‘One cannot overstate the significance of faster admissions and discharges that the new system brings forth. The arduous process of paperwork and manual data entry will now be replaced by efficient digital processes, ensuring that patients receive the care they need promptly while also enabling a smoother transition from hospital to home. Our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop with the EMR and HIS. We are proud to very soon introduce an ingenious addition to our hospital’s functioning – the Pneumatic Chute System. In sync with the new EMR & HIS systems This state-of-the-art technology enables swift and secure transportation of documents, medication, and samples throughout the hospital, streamlining internal processes and ensuring that every minute counts when saving lives.’

Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho emphasized the need to be human in a more and more technical world. The Head of analysis should work with the Heart of empathy to fulfill the works of God through the instruments of the hands. Thus He heals through our instruments. He also briefed that a new 1.5 Tesla MRI will be part of the Mullerian family soon, and in 15 days’ time, the Shute system of transporting laboratory samples and results will be activated.

In his presidential address, Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha sought the blessings of God on all the medical fraternity. On one of his visits to the hospital, he encountered a doctor who bowed for his blessings before a surgery. This and many more such incidents acknowledge the fact that the doctors were believers in the divine and thus behaved as mere instruments. He insisted that as the institutions grow, every member should be part of it as a family and work to improve as these new equipments have brought the Gen Next technology of today.

The welcome was delivered by Dr Krishna Kiran S. Professor Radio-Diagnosis, Dr Prathima Asst. Prof. OBG, and Foetal Medicine Expert voiced an appreciative vote of thanks, and the event was compeered by Dr Mahesh Asst Prof Radio-Diagnosis. Members of the Father Muller Charitable Centenary Society, the Governing Board, Management Committee Members, Heads of Departments, Faculty, Students, Staff, Patients, and well-wishers were part of the event.