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Farewell programme at St Agnes PU College, Mangaluru

March 15, 2022

Mangaluru:  “God is our strength” the college motto, has inspired the outgoing students of St Agnes PU College to courageously walk in the footsteps of St Agnes, the patron saint and to explore life’s journey in all its variegated colours and emerged victorious.

St Agnes PU College, Mangaluru organised a farewell programme for the outgoing batch on 14th March 2022 in the college auditorium. It was an afternoon suffused with mixed sentiments as every one witnessed the official valedictory ceremony.

The programme commenced with a prayer song, invoking the divine presence followed by a welcome speech. The students tapped their feet to the exuberant dance performance and a farewell song. The incredible and indelible memories of the time spent in college was captured on screen and displayed on the occasion.  The presentation evoked great nostalgia as the students reminisced on the joyous moments. 

Haleema Shiza of II Arts, Druthisha of II Commerce and Sweedal Lewis of II Science shared their feelings and emotions of the time they had spent within the portals of St Agnes PU College. Privy Dsouza, the Student President expressed her sentiments and gratitude for the opportunities she received to showcase her calibre.

The college cabinet laid down the office and solemnly handed over the college flag as a symbol of completion of their academic duties and responsibilities to the Principal and she in turn handed over the flag to their juniors.

Sr Norine Dsouza, the Principal in her farewell speech appreciated the outgoing batch of 2022 for their creativity, uncommon zeal and love for the institution shown in innovative ways. She urged the students to meet the challenges of the post covid era with faith in God, courage and belief in oneself.

The cabinet members and the best outgoing students of the year 2021-22 : Privy Dsouza of Arts, Alice Lobo of Commerce, Venisha Fiona Mascarenhas of Science were bestowed with a memento in recognition of their achievements. The Best Outgoing Student award from the PTA was garnered by Bhuvi G S, from the commerce stream.

The staff regaled the students with a short entertainment programme which was highly appreciated by the students.

The day was indeed a memorable one for the outgoing batch of 2022. There was a mixture of emotions and wistfulness as the students took photographs around the building where they spent the best two years of their college life.  The first year

Students  showcased an impressive programme to make their seniors feel special.   

Samhitha Prabhu delivered the welcome speech. Bhoomika and Sweezal proposed the vote of thanks and the programme was compered with flair by Zamya and Rhea Madan.