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Embracing Light, Love and Generosity: A Radiant Christmas Celebration at St Aloysius PU College

December 24, 2023

Mangaluru: The festive Christmas celebration at St Aloysius PU College commenced with a captivating rendition, setting the tone for the joyful event. Following the musical performance, the principal delivered a heartfelt message, underscoring the significance of God’s unconditional love. He highlighted the notion that distancing oneself from this love is considered a sin, emphasizing the need to serve as a beacon of hope amid darkness, pain, and suffering.

Further delving into the spiritual essence of the occasion, the principal spoke about the concept of ‘Immanuel’—the embodiment of ‘God with us.’ Encouraging the embrace of these values, he explained how doing so enables individuals to reflect divine attributes, nurturing love, hope, and generosity within the community. True to the spirit of Christmas, meaningful celebrations involve not only recognizing but actively dispelling darkness, thereby bringing smiles, light and hope to those around us.

He urged everyone to become salt and light of the earth, echoing the Christmas spirit of love, peace, reconciliation, and justice. The most beautiful gift, he noted, is the physical presence of God and our presence in the lives of loved ones. He encouraged everyone to step away from gadgets and be truly present.

Students contributed through dance and drama, highlighting the plight of those in need and emphasizing the importance of selfless giving. The message echoed that Christmas is a time for sharing.

Santa Claus made a spirited entrance, accompanied by a medley of Christmas carols sung by the choir members.

During the staff Christmas celebration, Rev. Fr Pradeep Sequeira, the finance officer, shared the story of Mother Teresa, emphasizing seeing God in every human being, especially in the marginalized. He urged everyone to find the divine within themselves and see the beauty in others.

Games hosted by Dean Kiran Shetty added a playful touch, and carols and a dance by both teaching and non-teaching staff enriched the celebration.

After the joyous event, cakes were distributed to all students and Christmas sweets were given to the staff, leaving lasting memories of a Christmas filled with love, joy, and unity.