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CODP hosts ‘Amrat  Thalith Kum – India’,  Karnataka Region  Meeting

June 14, 2023

Mangaluru: Amrat  Thalitha Kum – India,  Karnataka Region  Meeting was held on June 12, 2023 at  Canara Organisation for Development and Peace (CODP) Nanthur, Mangalore.

Program started with a prayer led by Sr Anna Maria and Sr Herita from Shubadha Centre, Mangalore. Sr Meera RGS the President of Amrat  Thalitha Kum – India Presided over the Programme. Sr Shanthi Priya BS, the General Councillor of Bethany Congregation was the Inaugurator of the day’s Programme. In her Inaugural speech she gave a Clarion call to commit for the cause of Human misery and slavery. Sr Meera in her presidential speech highlighted the existing problem of Human trafficking and its present scenario world over.

Sr Anna Maria BS the National Executive member of Amrat  Thalitha Kum – India spoke about significance of International  day against child labour. She shared about her experiences in running a Child Labour School at Humnabad, Bidar, in Northern part of Karnataka. Sr Rajani SRA, the Regional Secretary presented the minutes of previous meeting through PPT presentation. Sr Sherly  SJL, the India Coordinator of  Arise Foundation shared about various programmes of Arise Foundation and its funding patterns. Sr Meera briefed about the Hilton Fund for Sisters and the selected regions for its funding in order to strengthen the network of the sisters all over India.

The Diocesan coordinators presented a small Action plan to combat Human trafficking in their respective dioceses after a short group discussion. Sr Leena Dcosta BS the Regional Coordinator welcomed the gathering. Sr Lovely DSS thanked the guests on the dais and Sr Freeda AC thanked the participants and the organizers of the programme. Sr Joel SRA, compeered the day’s schedule. There were 32 participants representing various Dioceses in Karnataka region were present. The breakfast and meals were provided on the occasion. The programme was winded at 2.00pm

Report by; Sr Anna Maria BS