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Christians in Mangalore submit memorandum to DC to withdraw Anti conversion bill

November 20, 2021

MANAGLURU, NOV 19: At the call of All Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights (AKUCFHR), Christians in Mangalore, submitted memorandum to Deputy Commissioner against Anti-Conversion Bill proposed by Karnataka Government on November 19, 2021 here in the city.

Fr J B Saldanha, PRO & Spiritual Director Catholic Sabha, Mr Roy Castelino, PRO, Mangalore Catholic Diocese, Mr J R Lobo, Ex MLA, Mr Stany Lobo, President, Catholic Sabha, Fr Ashwin Cardoza, Director, ICYM, Fr J B Crasta, Secretary, Laity Commission, Mr Jaison Crasta, President, ICYM, Fr Anil Ivan Fernandes, Director, CCC, Mr John D’Silva, Secretary, Diocesan Pastoral Parishad Mangalore, Fr Onil D’Souza, Director, St Anthony Ashram, Fr Mani, Belthangady Diocese, Pastor Donald Menezes & Pastor Ivan Monteiro, New Life, Bishop Demetrius, Believers Church, Rev. Mathew Marthoma Church, Sr Mariette BS, Mr Alfred Manohar, CSI, Rev. Winfred Ammanna, CSI,  Rev Prabhuraj, Area Chairman CSI KSD, Rev. Sandeep Theophil, Secretary MCC, Fr Jose, Syrian Orthodox and Secretary, Karnataka United Christian Forum For Human Rights, were present as delegates from all Christian denominations and institutions.

In the absence of District Commissioner, they urged the Additional Deputy Commissioner Manikya, to appeal the C.M. not to table the Anti-conversion Bill and to withdraw the orders on the survey of Christian Missionaries and the establishments.

Fr J B Saldanha, PRO & Spiritual Director Catholic Sabha, Diocese of Mangalore said, “The entire Christian Community in Mangalore opposes the proposal of Anti-Conversion Bill in one voice and questions the need for such an exercise when sufficient laws and court directives are in place to monitor any aberration of the existing laws.”

Ex MLA J R Lobo emphasising the constitutional right said, “The Indian Constitution Article 25 guarantees freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion subject to public order, morality and health. Further, Article 26 gives, “Freedom to manage religious affairs”. And, therefore, introducing such laws would infringe the rights of the citizens, especially of the minority communities.”

Mr Stany Lobo, President, Catholic Sabha said, “The false allegation of conversions on Christian communities have disturbed the peace and unity among all Christians in Karnataka. The Government must never try to bring enmity between Christian denominations by generalising few incidents and branding our actions as conversions.”

Bishop Demetrius, Believers Church and Rev. Winfred Ammanna, CSI said that Christians are known for peace, unity and social service. Thousands of schools, colleges and hospitals are run and managed by Christian Community across the State. When lakhs of students are graduating from these institutions year after year and thousands of patients irrespective of caste, creed and colour receive the best medical attention from our hospitals and care centers, but not one of them has ever been influenced, compelled or coerced to change his or her religion.

Report & pics by: Fr Anil Ivan Fernandes, CCC