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“Carmel Treasures” unfolded at Mount Carmel Central School

October 24, 2022

Mangaluru: Mount Carmel Central School, Mangaluru organised “Carmel Treasures Retreat” designed by the management to the students of Grade IX to XII on October 18th, 19th and 21st.

The principal objective of this day was to let the students discover “who am I” through the Carmel Treasures, they being, silence and meditation connects us to the Divine, our behaviour affects our relationships and goals, nature is God’s gift of love and a value based life to live in harmony and peace.

The day of reflection commenced with a meaningful and energetic prayer service. Sr Carissima, the administrator of the school connected with the students and guidedthem, that through prayer, silence and meditation we are able to listen to the silence – the Inner Voice.

A session on ‘My Value System’ taught the students different ways of mastering the mind. To become friends with one’s emotions, thinking of words as nutrition, using affirmations and reading books to master one’s mind were some of the skills instilled into them. The session on “Conflict resolution” made the students aware that conflicts can be handled positively. Conflicts are a part of one’s life and it is in us whether we choose to change these conflicts into a fight or into challenges and opportunities was brought to light to the students. Decision making is key to the youth of today and having faith in God, relying on His power, listening to our inner voice and conscience, seeking guidance are some of the ways to decision making was delivered to the students through a talk on ‘Goal directed choices’. Through some real life experiences, videos and an informative power point presentation, the students were guided towards ‘Service with love’.

The whole hearted and enthusiastic participation gave the speakers a sense of gratification. When students were asked to pen down their experience on these days of reflection, they were very positive and appreciative. The day culminated with students holding lighted diyas, and with glowing eyes and smiling faces singing the song “This little guiding light of mine”, with a determination to carry forward this light in their lives.

The collaborative work of our staff as resource persons and the active participation of the students met the aim of empowering the young students of our school in helping them grow into great adults was indeed a successful one.