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Bosco Youth Fest at Bangalore Creates Memories for Young People

January 27, 2021

Bangalore 26 January 2021:Don Bosco Provincial House hosted the Bosco Youth Fest on 26 January 2021 in Bangalore for the youth who are in and around the community in order to commemorate the Republic Day and the feast of St John Bosco who is known as the father and teacher of youth.

Rev. Fr. Joyce, the provincial head of the Salesians of Don Bosco for Karnataka and Kerala was the chief guest for the programme along with Fr William the Bosco Youth state director and many other prominent Salesian priests. Fr. Joyce challenged the young people to be saints in the modern the world being cheerful imitating Don Bosco, the champion of youth.

Bosco Youth is one of the international youth movement coordinated by the Salesian religious society founded by St John Bosco an Italian Catholic saint acclaimed for his work for the welfare of the poor and abandoned young people. Today this organisation renders its services to the young people in 132 countries being one of the largest faith based catholic organization in the world. With its preventive system of education the organization has made great impact in the lives of millions of young people forming them to be honest citizens and children of God.

The youth fest witnessed moments of spiritual experience, learning and fun. The youth took active part in various activities conducted in order to drive home values to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.  The whole day sessions were animated by Fr Anil D’sa SDB the youth director of the Bangalore archdiocese and the Asian chaplain for YCS (Young Catholic Students).

The programme was organized by the Bosco Youth Unit of Don Bosco Provincial house Bangalore. About 70 youth from various parts of Bangalore were happy to have taken part in youth fest and expressed their gratitude to the organizers and wished that they could have frequent youth gathering to foster friendship and fellowship enabling them to live a value based lives. 

-Janice Anne, Bangalore