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Bible Scholar Rev. Dr William Barboza inaugurates Three-day Bible Exhibition at Jeppu

January 26, 2023

MANGALURU, JAN 26: “’Listen to Bible, Read the Bible, Study the Bible, Pray the Bible and Live the Bible.’ I am reminded of these beautiful words from a Bible Library set on Logos Ship arrived in Mangalore port around 40 years ago. These words will make our lives prosper,” said Rev. Dr William Barboza, a retired priest of the Diocese of Mangalore and translator of the English New Testament into Konkani Language. He was the chief guest of the inaugural ceremony of the three day Bible Exhibition held at St Anthony Ashram, Jeppu, Mangalore, here on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

The exhibition was organised by the Commissions for Bible, Proclamation, Social Communication and Small Christian Community of the Diocese of Mangalore along with St Anthony Ashram, St Joseph Seminary, Cascia, Jeppu and Valencia parishes from January 26 to 28 evening.

Rev. Fr J B Crasta, Director of St Anthony Charitable Institutions and the convener of the exhibition, Rev. Dr Ronald Serrao, Rector of St Joseph Seminary, Jeppu, Rev. Fr Joachim Fernandes, Director Small Christian Community, Rev. Fr Anil Fernandes, Director Canara Communication Centre, Rev. Fr Rupesh Tauro, diocesan secretary of Commission for proclamation, Fr Larry Pinto, assistant director, St Anthony Ashram and Sr Doreen UFS were present among the many religious sisters, youth, and residents of St Anthony Ashram Jeppu.

The inauguration ceremony began with the enthronement of the Bible, which was brought in procession from the Chapel to the exhibition hall. Rev. Dr Ronald Serrao, Rev. Dr William Barboza, and Rev. Fr J. B Crasta honoured the Bible with incense and blessed the exhibition premises with the Holy Water. A short prayer session was followed in which a passage from the Bible was read and reflected.

Rev. Fr Larry Pinto, assistant director said, “The exhibition is held in commemoration 125th Anniversary of St Antony Ashram and on the occasion of ‘Bible Sunday’ celebrated universally on the third Sunday of the Liturgical calendar which marked this year on January 22, 2023.

Rev. Fr J. B Crasta welcomed the chief guests and felicitated Rev. Dr William Barboza with a shawl and flowers for his tireless efforts in translating the Bible into Konkani.

Fr Rupesh said “This exhibition includes a public reading of the Sacred Scripture, biblical art, painting, video presentation, quiz, songs, skits and dances. The Bibles and other religious articles are made available for sale. Short Video series on the Bible, produced by Canara Communication Centre are screened continuously in the Sambhram Hall.”

Ms Tressy Dsouza, one of the volunteers said, “Happy to be at the service of those who read God’s Word, love it and live by it. We pray that the Bibles will reach every hand, heart and home! I have never seen such an awesome collection of various versions of the Bible. Extremely well organised.”

The exhibition showcased different translations of the Bible copies which included regional and local languages including Tulu Bible, Bible Commentaries, hand-written Bibles, Big-size Bible, Bible art, Bible paintings, iconography, Indian art, and display of Biblical timeline, Bible verses, Bible paintings and the demonstration of important Bible events.

The organisers noted that the exhibition will be open for the public on all the three days from 9 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening. There will be a biblical cultural programme every evenings from 4.30 pm to 7 pm. The concluding ceremony of the same is scheduled on Saturday, January 28 at 6 pm.

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Report Fr Anil Fernandes, CCC
Photos: Stanly DCunha Bantwal