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Bank of Baroda’s initiative towards a green environment, tree planting program

January 2, 2024

Mangaluru: In alignment with its commitment to environmental sustainability, Bank of Baroda initiated a tree planting program aimed at fostering a green world and ensuring a bright future. The program took place at Parijnana Pre-Graduate College, Someshwar, under the supervision of Bank of Baroda’s Provision Manager and Sector Head, Gayatri R.

During the event, Gayatri R. played a pivotal role by handing over fruit plants and inaugurating the tree planting program. The initiative has seen the successful planting of more than 3000 saplings by the Bank of Baroda, underscoring the bank’s dedication to environmental conservation.

The significance of such programs in safeguarding the environment for future generations was highlighted during the event. School students were encouraged to actively participate in environmental protection, emphasizing the importance of preserving fruit-bearing plants. The goal is to ensure that the forthcoming generations can enjoy the benefits of abundant fruits and shade through the preservation of these plants.

In addition to the environmental focus, the bank took the opportunity to promote financial literacy among students. They were urged to open BRO savings accounts with BOB Bank, and the prospect of obtaining education loans from the bank in the near future was presented as a means to facilitate their educational aspirations and overall progress.

The occasion was graced by the presence of distinguished Bank of Baroda officers, including Satish Pathkar, Adrich Ajay D’Souza, Sanjay, Sachin Hegde, and Jeevan Kolya. Furthermore, Mahesh L. Vikram, the Secretary of Saraswat Education Society (R), and the Principal of Bondal Pre-Graduate College of Science were present, emphasizing the collaborative effort between the bank and educational institutions in fostering a sustainable and prosperous future.