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Awareness on Cancer and Corona and food kit distribution at Shakthinagar

July 31, 2020

Mangaluru: Health awareness was organized by CODP through Sparsha program at Mother of God Church, Shakthinagar on 28/7/2020. Since there are lot of health problems prevailing in the society an initiative was taken by team of Sparsha to give awareness on cancer and Covid-19. Program started at 10.15Am.

Program started with a prayer service lead by Fr Jerald Dsouza, Parish Priest. Ms Shilpa welcomed the gathering. Fr Oswald Monteiro Director of CODP delivered a key note address.

Ms Shilpa spoke on covid-19, and the main symptoms of this decease. And she mainly focused on SMS which means to maintain Social distance, Proper usage of mask and Use of sanitizers. During the talk she also mentioned about the precautions to be taken at home specially by elders and children. At the end of the session she also advised all to be safe and healthy.

Fr Oswald Monteiro took up a session on cancer. He explained the participants about the various types of cancer and how it has affected the life of the people. Symptoms and causes of cancer was told. And he also encouraged the participants to grow vegetables organically and consume which would lead them to follow an healthy lifestyle. He advised all present to have a regular health checkup so as to treat this disease at an early stage.

At the end of the session Mr. Vincent vice president of parish pastoral council proposed the vote of thanks. Thereafter food kits were distributed by Fr Jerald Dsouza and Fr Oswald Monteiro to the people attended. Total participants were 27. Program came to an end at 11.30Pm.