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Annual feast of wonder worker St. Anthony celebrated St. Anne’s Friary,Bejai Mangalore

June 15, 2022

Mangaluru: The great miracle worker, known to find the lost things, the seraphic saint Anthony of Padua’s feast was celebrated with great devotion and piety at St. Anne’s Friary, Bejai, Mangalore.  Rev.  Fr. Rocky D’Cunha the guardian was the main celebrant during the Eucharistic celebration. He highlighted the importance of the word of God in the life of St. Anthony and his humility of heart to surrender himself to the Lord. His ardent desire for Christ has turned him to a famous saint of our times.

All the capuchin friars of St. Anne’s Friary concelebrated during the solemn Eucharist. St. Anthony’s shrine which is in St. Anne’s Friary vacinity has a long devotional history. Miracles upon miracles are happening to the people who come to the shrine and plead to him. People of all faiths come to him without any reservation to seek his blessings. Travellers specially halt in order to make a prayer and light candles for their works may be completed successfully. Miracle worker St. Anthony listens to everyone’s prayers. Therefore his shrine has been a place of devotion to all who trust in his intercession. A great Franciscan saint, who vibrates the power of God through his great love for Jesus has become a beautiful model for all to imitate our Love for God and one another.

The renovated Shrine of St. Anthony at St. Anne’s Friary attracts devotees to fulfill their daily need. Every Tuesday in honour of St. Anthony there is adoration, mass and novena of St. Anthony at 10 a.m in the Portiuncula Chapel, Jail road , Bejai. Let the saint work miracles in everyone’s life and family. St. Anthony of Padua pray for us.