Ambassador John Richmond and Harold D’Souza on an empowering dialogue with survivors, community members and undocumented immigrants globally – KONKANCATHOLIC.COM

Ambassador John Richmond and Harold D’Souza on an empowering dialogue with survivors, community members and undocumented immigrants globally

September 22, 2020

Crusader Harold D’Souza with Ambassador John Cotton Richmond organized a virtual enlightening event “Human Trafficking – The Untold” on September 18, 2020 focused in Asian Countries especially India.

Ambassador Richmond said, “It was an irresistible opportunity to talk about India where I lived for several years with my family and to be on a conversation with Harold D’Souza.” He further spoke, “to expand the flame of freedom we want all Governments in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Canada, Mexico and other countries to do better in combating human trafficking including America. Traffickers prey on people’s hope.”

“I am grateful to you Harold for putting together this dialogue. I am thankful for your services particular on the United States Advisory Council in Combating Trafficking in Persons, appreciate your service there for four years and all the good work that you have done” spoke Ambassador John Cotton Richmond.

Mamta Hunnar from Mumbai shared; “I feel honored to be a part of the Eyes Open International team, it gives me immense pleasure to announce that I am going to be the Executive Assistant to Sir Harold D’Souza. I was aware of the noble work that he was doing but got an opportunity to know him closely lately. Being a victim of human trafficking himself he chose to rise alone and help others with a better life. His organization works effortlessly towards people who have been tricked in pursuit of chasing the American dream. Presently I reside in Mumbai and we are looking forward to stretching our support for women empowerment too”.

Ambassador Richmond comes to the highest position in the federal government dedicated to combating human trafficking, after a distinguished career in the global battle for freedom. He co-founded the Human Trafficking Institute that exists to decimate modern slavery at its source by empowering police and prosecutors to use victim-centered and trauma-informed methods to hold traffickers accountable and ensure survivors are treated with respect and care.

Bilal Ahmad from Pakistan questioned Harold of EOI and its future plans. “EOI is planning to appoint ‘Regional Directors’ in 50 Countries across the globe. In India EOI is focused to start an Advisory Council on Human Trafficking” addressed inspiring Harold D’Souza President of Eyes Open International.

“Sir Harold has been a true inspiration for me and has given me a new purpose in life. I myself belong to a conservative family and made big mistakes at this point of time in my life.  Women equality is a controversial topic to be discussed; women have been exploited in all areas. It need not be physical always. Whether it is education, work place, society or anywhere they do not enjoy the same status that men do. I take pride in dedicating myself for a mission which believes in empowering women. We have decided to join hands and work towards the betterment of especially the girl child. I appeal to all my friends and colleagues to support us in all our forthcoming endeavors”, shared Mamta of her pain to power journey.

Honorable Harold D’Souza was appointed by President Barack Obama on the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking in 2015 and continued his services with President Donald Trump till 2020.