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11th day of Tredicina in preparation for the Annual feast of St Anthony held in Milagres

June 11, 2024

Mangaluru, June 10: The eleventh day of the Tredicina preceding the annual feast of St Anthony of Padua was held on June 10, 2024, at St Anthony Shrine, Milagres Church, Mangaluru.

Rev. Fr Antony Clany DSouza, Director, Gladsom Home for Students—Minor Seminary, celebrated the Holy Eucharist and prayed for the prisoners along with Rev. Fr J. B. Crasta and Rev. Fr Nelson Peris, St Anthony Ashram, Jeppu.

Fr Clany preached on the theme, “The Healing Power of Thanksgiving Prayer.” He emphasized that no form of bondage can bring us true happiness and peace.

Fr Clany illustrated his point with the story of Prophet Daniel and his friends, who found immense joy and freedom through their prayers and praises to God. He also mentioned the experiences of Mary and Elizabeth, who felt liberated through their gratitude and devotion.

Fr Clany further reminded the congregation of the powerful words of Father Stan Swamy, who said that even a caged bird will still survive.

Fr Clany concluded by encouraging everyone to embrace a life of thanksgiving, as it leads to healing and freedom from all forms of bondage, nurturing a deeper sense of inner peace and joy.

At the end of the mass, Fr J. B. Crasta, director of the Ashram, led the novena in honour of St Anthony, during which the special intercession of the session was sought for the various needs and prayer intentions of the devotees.

Choir members of Rosario Parish led the choir and joined in the thanksgiving. Payasam (a sweet dish) was served to all the devotees who attended the devotion.

Daily novena masses will be held at 6:00 AM and 11:30 AM at St. Anthony Ashram in Jeppu. Lunch will be provided to all devotees.

Annual Feast

Most Rev. Dr Francis Serrao, Bishop of Shimoga, and Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of Mangalore, will be the main celebrants for the main festive Holy Mass on June 13, 2024, at Jeppu Ashram and Milagres Church, respectively.

Report & Photos: Canara Communication Centre, Mangalore