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YCS Derebail Unit holds ‘Konkani Manyatha Divas’ celebration

August 20, 2023

Mangaluru: With immense zeal and enthusiasm, the Young Catholic Students – YCS celebrated the vibrant “Konkani Manyata Divas” on August 20, 2023, at The Most Holy Redeemer Church, Derebail, Mangaluru. The event was a wonderful blend of tradition and modernity, embracing the rich cultural heritage of the Konkani language and identity.

The festivities commenced with a traditional procession that captured the essence of Konkani culture. The inauguration of the event was graced by the resonating tunes of the ancient “Ghumta,” a symbolic musical instrument, followed by the ceremonial breaking of the auspicious coconut by esteemed guests, marking the beginning of this joyous occasion. Fr Joseph Martis, Parish Priest was the chief guest, adding grace to the event.

An unforgettable highlight of the day was the mesmerizing performance of the Konkani ghumta, led by the talented Mr Anil Patrao, Mr Gration DSouza and their team. Their enchanting melodies truly captivated the hearts of all in attendance, resonating with the soul of Konkani tradition. The YCS members also took the stage with a vibrant flash mob, creatively conveying the message ‘Konkani Ulai, Konkani Urai,’ effectively emphasizing the need for Konkani preservation and promotion.

Addressing the gathering, Fr Kevin Dsouza shared his insightful thoughts on the significance of Manyata Divas. His words painted a vivid picture of the historical journey of the Konkani language, and he passionately stressed the responsibility of the present generation to uphold and spread this linguistic heritage. The event was graced by the presence of Fr Kevin Dsouza, the Assistant Parish Priest, Mrs Sheela Dsouza, the Vice President of the church, Mr Denzil Pinto, the Secretary, Mr Anil Patrao, the Coordinator of the 21 Pastoral Commissions, and YCS Animators Mr Gladson Monteiro, Mrs Jonita Monteiro, and Ms Delina Dsouza.

Mr Gladson Monteiro expertly navigated the event as the charming host and compere, keeping the audience engaged and the program flowing seamlessly. The celebration was a source of immense pride for the YCS members, who effectively conveyed the significance of the Konkani Manyatha Divas. Likewise, it was a day of shared joy and celebration for the parishioners, who bore witness to the vibrant showcase of Konkani culture and unity.

The event served as a reminder that culture is a living, breathing entity that deserves recognition, appreciation, and nurturing. The Konkani Manyata Divas celebration illuminated the fact that preserving one’s linguistic and cultural roots enriches the present and lays the foundation for a thriving future.