Udupi: Palm Sunday observed at Pangla parish

Udupi: Palm Sunday was observed with great devotion and fervor at St John the Evangelist Church, Pangala on Sunday 25th march 2018 . 

The service began at 7 am with distribution of palms to the laity by Parish Council members at St John’s Academy School Ground. After a small prayer service, Fr Ferdinand Gonsalves, Parish Priest along with Fr Royson Fernandes, the assistant parish priest blessed the palms and thereafter parishioners went in procession carrying blessed palms with singing hymns of Hossana, praise to the King of Kings Jesus Christ. 

The solemn Palm Sunday Mass was concelebrated by Fr Ferdinand Gonsalves, Fr Vincent Coelho, Fr Royson Fernandes and Fr Lawrence Mendonca. The Passion Gospel according to St Mark was read by Fr Royson Fernandes, Fr Vincent Coelho and Fr Ferdinand Gonsalves. A large number of parishioners attended the Palm Sunday Service. 

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