Doha: MCC Qatar celebrates ‘Mangalorean Day’ in style with Varado Competition

Doha: Mangalore Cricket Club (MCC), Qatar being one of the premier forums of the Mangalorean expats in Qatar, organized ‘Mangalorean Day' – A showcase of talents on Friday, January 25th , 2019 at 5 pm at the Ashoka Hall, Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) Doha, Qatar. Enthused by its hugely successful ‘Mangalorean Day’ celebrated over the few years, the celebration has become an event anticipated with zeal by all community members as it is a family day with complete entertainment package. 

The evening began with a welcome note by the duo MCs of the day Sandeep Noronha and Lavita Rodrigues. This was followed by invoking God’s blessings through a short prayer lead by Joint Cultural Secretary Shaila Menezes. The audience was then welcomed by an MCC themed song “Raisondi Amche MCC” composed by Mr. Remy D’Souza was presented by 15 talented MCC members. 

MCC President, Sunil D’Silva welcomed the audience and requested all Mangaloreans to continue to promote Konkani language and the rich culture by partaking in all activities promoted by MCC. He requested all to come forward and use this platform to showcase their talents and urged to continue the rich legacy so that the younger generation can take pride to promote our culture. He highlighted on the day’s events – Mangalorean Prince/Mangalorean Princess contest for kids from age 6 to 10 years and also on the special attraction this year was the Variety Entertainment Competition between Varados organized for the first time has united all members and has brought in a bond between parishioners from different varados. 

The guest of honour for the evening was Rev. Fr. Anand Castelino, Spiritual Director of Konkani Speaking Community of our Lady of our Rosary Church, Qatar. Fr. Anand addressed the gathering and congratulated MCC President and members for organizing such events, giving such platforms for members and helping to build bond among Mangaloreans. 

The much awaited Mangalorean Prince and Mangalorean Princess contest began with the MCs introducing the judges for the contest. The first judge of the evening was Reena Castelino who is a multi-talented individual with keen interest in public speaking, organizing and hosting shows. She was a part of the hosting team of "Konkani Sambrahm - Unlimited" - a recently concluded Dance & Music Konkani show in Mangalore hosted by the Daijiworld Group. She has also been a past cultural secretary and advisory board member of MCC. The second judge of the evening was Alwyn D’Souza who has been the Ex President of MCC and has been involved in starting and conducting church choirs, both Konkani and English in Mangalore and Qatar. His immense interest and talent in the field of music, acting and dancing has won him many laurels. The third judge of the evening was Mishal Lobo, a teacher by profession whose interests lies in dancing, singing and reading books. She has been an active member of MCC and has also been a part of the Cultural Committee. All the judges were welcomed with a rose by Joint Secretary - Sonia D’Souza and Cultural Secretary Kavita Tauro handed over the judging sheets. The rules of the contest were read and the contest was kicked off. The contestants for Mangalore Princess were Sandria Loovis, Siyona Monthero, Gianna Nornoha, Sarah D’Silva, Aaliya Almeida, Nathania D’Souza, Michelle Loovis, Renessa Banz, Princia Pinto, Verina Mascarenhas and Lara D’Souza, Dionna Gomes & Sianna Machado. For Mangalorean Prince we had Gladwin Furtado, Naith Pinto, Ean Noronha, Rishon Fernandes, Kaeton Lewis, Delwin Fernandes, Zubin D’Souza, Melrin Pinto, Ethan Gonsalves, Jonathan Mathias, Melrick D’Souza and Jaden Noronha. The children enthusiastically walked the ramp amid the cheers from the audience synchronized with the beats that were played. The contestant then introduced themselves to the audience and then responded to the questions asked by the judges. The children’s honest replies and innocence was displayed in their answers which had the audience in splits of laughter. All the participants were awarded a participation certificate and a gift by Cultural Secretary- Kavita Tauro. 

In recently conducted Gulf Voice of Mangalore Season -6 prestigious Konkani singing contest held at GCC level on November 9th, 2018, two of our members Clement Fernandes and Christle Pinto who brought laurels to Qatar were felicitated. Clement Fernandes won the crown of Gulf Voice of Mangalore in male category while Christle Pinto bagged the second runners up in female category were felicitated along with their family members. The honors were done by the President Sunil D’Silva in the presence of all the advisors of MCC. In the absence of Christle, her honour was received by her parents Stany & Jane Pinto who spoke on the occasion and thanked MCC for bestowing this honour and for always supporting the talents through various program. Clement also spoke on the occasion and thanked MCC and Qatar people for bestowing all love and support who made it possible to win the crown for Qatar. The audiences were then entertained by Clement’s soulful singing to the song “Thum Ye” from the CD composed by duo Roshan D’Souza Anjelore and Ashith Pinto. 

The most awaited event of the evening was the Varado Level variety entertainment began with the MC briefing the judges and the audience on the rules of the competition. The previous judges Reena Castelino and Alwyn D’Souza continued to be judges for the variety entertainment along with an addition of Vijaya D’Souza. Vijaya is the debut winner of the Gulf Baila Naach 2017 that was organised by MCC Qatar and was crowned Gulf Baila Queen. She is also a Zumba instructor at The Creative Academy for Arts and Music (TCA) in Qatar. Timers desk was manned by Shalini Monteiro and Delita D’Souza. 

This Variety entertainment competition between Varados though was organized for first time was well accepted by the community people and lot of excitement was noticed between varados and fellow parishioners to participate in it. Though preparation time was less inspite of busy schedules of all yet received a good response and 5 Varados participated namely Episcopal Varado, City Varado, Bantwal & Mangalore East Varado, Mangalore South/St.Teresa of Kolkata Varado, and Shirva/ Kundapur varado who gave a tough fight to each other. 

Bantwal & Mangalore East Varado came with the theme of Varado Dees celebration and entertained with dances, songs and jokes led by Melwin & Naveen Fernandes team. Mangalore South/St.Teresa of Kolkata Varado presented a patriotic theme on Soldier’s life who dedicates his life to the country and leaves the wedding celebration to join duty and loses his life at war. Shirva/ Kundapur Varado presented the 7 stages of life based on William Shakespeare’s poem. Episcopal Varado presented a beautiful act on Disability showing how a disabled child is neglected by society and her successful lifestory amidst all problems. City Varado presented Namma Kudla theme depicting all rich cultures of Mangalore/Kudla bringing on stage cock fight, yakshagana, kambla race, tiger vesha, folk dance etc. Indeed all varados presented finest acts giving tough competition to other participating teams and to judges. The audience were in splits as they got full entertainment with beautiful dances, skits, jokes, songs, mime act, etc and were supporting their varados with thunderous applause and whistles. 

The evening ended with a fusion dance by Venal Castelino and Cybil D’Souza which was surely one of the best performances of the evening and also received the loudest applause from the crowd. Cultural Secretary Kavita Tauro proposed the vote of thanks. The special attraction of the evening was the auction of two ‘Kombos’ of cock fight was put on auction and highest bidders Franky Quadros and George Furtado bought the. Kombos. The proceeds of the auction were contributed to the MCCQ Trust. 

Judges were then invited to the stage who shared their feedback of the competition with the audience. The judges appreciated all the parents who encouraged their children to make use of this opportunity and showcase their talents. The judges also shared a few tips to all parents to help improve the confidence level of their children. Judges were then felicitated by MCC Founder member Jerald D’Mello, Advisor Franky Quadros and President Sunil with a memento. Reena Castelino then announced the winners of the evening amidst a lot of curiosity among the crowd. The title Mangalorean Prince was bagged by Naith Pinto and the Mangalorean Princess was won by Michelle Loovis who were honoured with crown, sash and a trophy by advisor Prakash Noronha, Jessy Mendonca and Vivian D’Souza. The most awaited moment had finally arrived as audience were eager to know which varado did their best. The third place was bagged by City Varado led by Andrea D’Souza/Savious Crasta. The second place was won by Mangalore South/St. Teresa of Kolkata Varado led by Naveen D’Souza & Jeevan Ferrao. The First place winners were Episcopal Varado led by Sean Fernandes/Della Rego amidst a lot of cheering and whistles. All team members of winning teams were presented with individual trophy. felicitated by the MCC advisors and judges. 

Sandeep Noronha and Lavita Rodrigues, the MC’s of the evening, did a wonderful job of compeering the whole show in their flawless Konkani language. MCC acknowledged their contribution to the success of the programme by felicitating them with a memento. The evening was wrapped up with a foot tapping Baila music whereby all members were invited to dance. 

All in all it was a memorable Mangalorean Day and going by the current trend, it seems that MCC is set to organize many more Mangalorean Days in the coming years showcasing and promoting native culture and also supporting modern trends. MCC wishes to thank all the patrons, participants, volunteers and all those who have made this event a success. President Sunil D’Silva congratulated Cultural team headed by Kavita Tauro for a great organization and success of the event. 

Episcopal Varado participants : Greg D’cunha, Jason Dias, Arvin Pais, Larissa Tauro, Arnold D’souza, Ashel D’souza, Seema Freeda D’Souza, Alrick D’souza, Shown Fernandes, Della Rego, Alyssa Rego, Gina Lobo, Rowina Lobo, Sonia Pinto, Naveen Pinto, Naith Pinto, Julius Mathias and Joshua Mathias and coordinated & directed by Sean Fernandes. 

Mangalore South & St. Teresa of Kolkata Varado participants: Naveen Melwyn Dsouza, Naveen Dsouza, Nishan Dsouza, Ullas Dsouza, Jeevan Ferrao, Timothy Dsouza, Vijay Dsouza, Roshan Lasrado, Hema Fernandes, Jyothi Pereira, Westrin Lasrado, Prival Dsouza, Rishon Fernandes, Reuben Fernandes, Raizel D’Souza, Nicole Dsouza, Clarissa Dsouza and Rony Fernandes. 

City Varado participants: Andrea Viola D’Souza, Savious Crasta ,Emilia Castelino, Venal Rhea Castelino, Vincent Castelino, Ryan Renjar, Sheela D’Souza, Allan Pinto, Rolson Arun D’Souza, Benna Dsouza, Dominic D’Souza, Aston D’Souza, Crizelle Pinto, Nichelle D’Souza, Gladwin Furtado, Mahima D’Souza, George Furtado and Jane Pinto. 

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