Konkani Retreat in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: A one-day Konkani retreat was held at Maria Niketan in Bengaluru on Sunday, March 18, 2018. 

The retreat was organised by Divine Spirit Konkani Prayer Group, Bangalore Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Bangalore Archdiocese.  The retreat was conducted by the Carmelite priests – Fr Stephen Pereira, OCD and Fr Joachim Rodrigues, OCD. The highlights of the retreat: Holy oil anointment for all the sick participants; interactive way of the cross using LED projector. 

Various families held a life-size wooden cross at the 14 stations during the Way of the Cross. Special confessions were arranged for all the participants. Various participants shared their life-changing testimonies. Adoration and Holy Eucharist was celebrated as a part of the retreat. During the retreat, Fr George Kannanthanam, Director, Project Vision HOPE, explained the importance of eye-donation. 

At the end of the retreat eight visually impaired families were given provisions (ration) to last for one month. 

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