Kanara Entrepreneurs( KE) changes to a new Board of Directors in the Presence of KE Chairman, Ivan Fernandes

Kanara Entrepreneurs in its Members meet on 16th June 2017 had a momentous meeting with a plethora of events that made the evening both solemn and exciting for all members. The luxurious venue of the Grand Magrath Hotel in Bangalore was attended by majority of the 200 strong entrepreneurs group. KE is a highly representative group of the Kanara community with members across 73 different industries. 

The solemn occasion was the demitting of office by the previous Board of Directors, Anil Peter Rego as President, Claudius Pereira as Director of Marketing, and Naveen Dsouza as Director of Membership. The tremendous efforts made by these sterling individuals by almost doubling the membership of KE during their 2 year tenure were highly appreciated by the KE Global Chairman, Ivan Fernandes. The new Board of Directors consisting of Adrian Dsouza as President, Ivy Saldanha continuing as Director, Mentoring, Nigel Fernandes continuing as Director of Finance, Naveen Rodrigues, continuing as Director Events, Ajay Fernandes, as Director, Marketing and Dr. Joseph Rasquinha, as Director. Membership was sworn in by Ivan Fernandes who felt that the great work done by the previous Board would continue under the leadership of Adrian Dsouza a well known industrialist with a passion to see KE grow to greater heights. 

The highlight of the evening however, was the speech on networking given by Ivan Fernandes who came all the way from Dubai to spend time to provide KE members with his powerful insights on how the KE platform could be used to network and increase business and gain knowledge from the tremendous experience held by different members in different areas of expertise. The talk was illuminating, as one of the most difficult aspects of entrepreneurship faced by most is re-inventing the wheel. But drawing on the KE networking platform, this is avoided, and everyone gains tremendously. 

The next highlight was the speech by the MLA of Mangalore, JR Lobo. In a poignant, but powerful message, he bemoaned the fact that entrepreneurship was grossly lacking among the Kanara Catholics and gave the example of his constituents. In the last 12 months, he said, he had inaugurated almost every week new ventures by either Muslim or Hindu constituents. But the catholics? Maybe 2-3 the entire year. The effort of Kanara Entrepreneurs, he felt was a critical one, and its mission to develop and network new entrepreneurs is vital to take the community forward. The evening was compered with great skill and wit by Jose Paul, and the vote of thanks to close the evening was given by Clatus Mathias. 

The evening closed with a great fellowship in typical KE style! 

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