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The ‘Philo Kesarda Gobbu’ Event of St Philomena College Promotes Fun and Wellness in the Slush

September 4, 2023

Puttur 4 September: The Humanities Association of St Philomena College, Puttur organized a unique and informative event, “Philo Kesarda Gobbu,” held on September 2, 2023, in the picturesque village of Kodankiri near Puttur. The event aimed to provide students enrolled in the B.A. Program with a delightful experience playing various games in the slush fields while highlighting the countless benefits of such activities, including stress relief, detoxification, improved blood circulation, and healing properties.

Rev. Fr Stany Pinto inaugurated this event and said that the interest of the students is appreciable as it provides them with an opportunity to enjoy themselves while learning about the numerous physical and therapeutic advantages of participating in slush-based activities. Such events offer a welcome respite from the academic grind and contribute to the promotion of physical fitness and overall well-being among students.

During the event, the owner of the land, Mr Shridhara Poojari, was honoured. Family members Kamalakka and Babiakka sang tulu paaddana to entertain the students.

The event featured a diverse range of engaging games:

Kesaru Gadde Ota: Participants engaged in a thrilling race through the slush, combining excitement and challenge.

Hagga Jaggaata: This game fostered teamwork and strength as participants pulled a rope from both ends, creating a competitive yet cooperative atmosphere.

Mosaru Kudike: Precision and accuracy came into play as participants attempted to hit a pot filled with curds, adding an element of skill to the festivities.

Goni Cheelada Ota: A unique and entertaining challenge unfolded as participants raced while confined within gunny bags, adding an element of humour to the competition. At the valedictory programme the winners were presented with their prizes.

II B.A. students rendered prayer. Dr Norbert Mascarenhas, Dean of Arts introduced Mr Shridhara Poojari. Mr Vasudeva HoD, Dept of Economics, welcomed. IrfanIII,IB.A.,. proposed vote of thanks. Sanjana IIIB.A. compered the inaugural programme. Esteemed faculty members of B.A. Program, Mr Veerappa Poojari, Mr Ponnappa, the alumnus, and PRO of the College Bharathi S Rai were present on the occasion.