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The Catholic Sabha Bondel Unit organized a Teachers’ Day Celebration

September 4, 2023

Mangaluru: The Catholic Sabha organized a “Teachers’ Day Celebration” for all the teachers of St Lawrence Parish on Sunday, 3rd September 2023 at 8:15 a.m. in the Bondel Church Mini Hall.

The programme was led off with a prayer by Catholic Sabha members. Mr Henbert Pinto, President of the Catholic Sabha Bondel Unit, welcomed the guests and the gathering.

Sr Sucorin Rebello, UMI, inaugurated the programme by cutting the cake along with the guests on the dais. While addressing the teachers, the sisters spoke about the sacredness of the profession and their role as teachers in the lives of every student they encounter in this noble profession. Christ, our T.E.A.C.H.E.R par excellence . Teachers play a very important role in a student’s life. As a teacher, one must bring out the best in students and inspire them to strive for greatness. Students are considered the future of the nation and humankind, and a teacher is believed to be a credible guide for their advancement. Teachers build the future by planting a seed and nurturing it with every child that crosses their path. They truly are the salt of the earth. She congratulated the Catholic Sabha Bondel Unit for organizing the programme and wished all the teachers A Happy Teachers’ Day.

Sr Melissa AC, Principal Mount Carmel Central School, Rev. Fr Andrew Leo DSouza, Parish Priest, Sr Sucorin Rebello, UMI , Correspondent MGC School, Mr John DSilva, Vice President, Parish Pastoral Council, Mr Henbert Pinto, President, and Mrs. Veronica Pais, Secretory  Catholic Sabha, were the guests present on the dais.

The resource person for the programme was Sr Melissa AC – Principal, Mount Carmel Central School Mangaluru, who shared her experience as a teacher and asked all the teachers to be dedicated, understanding, and role models to their students. She spoke on the topic of the New Education Policy, which has the objective of making the learning process more efficient by enhancing students’ thinking and creative ability.

The term ‘21st century skills’ refers to a set of skills and abilities that are required for success in workplaces in the 21st century, as identified by educators. There are 12 skills listed under this set, which are divided into 3 main groups: Learning Skills, Literacy Skills & Life Skills.

Learning Skills: These include critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills.

Life Skills: These include learning to be flexible, social, productive, and a good leader.

Literacy Skills: These involve learning about technology and the media to be well-equipped with information technology.

Implementing the above strategies can help students acquire 21st-century skills besides the regular knowledge from textbooks. Initially, some may find it tough to adjust to this new learning method, but gradually, it will make them feel empowered.

Further, she said: A good Catholic teacher should be a person of faith, believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church, and be a role model to the students.  

Concluding Sr, Melissa shared the message of Pope Francis: A true educator accompanies, listens, and dialogues. She congratulated the Catholic Sabha Bondel Unit for organizing the programme to recognize and felicitate the teachers. 

Guests Sr Sucorin & Sr Melissa were felicitated with mementos as a token of love and appreciation.

Rev. Fr Andrew Leo D’Souza, Guest of honor, presided over the function. In his message, he said that mothers are the first teachers of all the moral values and attitudes that a child shows later in his or her entire life. Teaching is a noble profession that can earn you respect and dignity in the community. Learn how to teach and serve the world. Teaching is a mission. We teachers are not only teaching to have students with brilliant minds, we are also destined to produce human beings with heart and soul for everyone.

Mr Manohar Concesso, a PUC teacher, shared his views on behalf of all the teachers. 

Children see their parents, teachers, and other close ones and learn things from them. So it is our responsibility to be their role model and set a good example in front of them. It is our responsibility as parents to provide moral education for our children as early as possible.

Mrs Veronica Pais expressed her vote of thanks. The programme went on for about two hours. Around 60 teachers were present. Mr Wilfred Alvares, President City Varado, compered the programme. All the teachers were presented with a token of gratitude.

Photography & Report
Meena Serrao Barboza