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St. Joseph Church, Jeppu: Parish Day celebrated on May 1st, 2024

May 6, 2024

Mangaqluru: “Deep Rooted in Faith, we Dare to Toil,” ignited by this motto, Jeppu Parish celebrated Parish Day on May 1st, 2024.

The Eucharistic celebration of St. Joseph the Worker Feast was a testament to the unity and generosity of the parishioners. The celebration aimed to strengthen unity among people, embodying the spirit of community and service. The altar was adorned by 15 priests, accompanied by Fr Maxim D’Souza, the parish priest, and led by the main celebrant, Rev. Fr. Chethan Lobo, manager of Assisi Press and editor of Sevak magazine. In his homily, Fr. Lobo emphasized the significance of ‘work as worship’ while highlighting the importance of embracing every work with love, as there is no discrimination in type of work because God Himself works continuously. He urged the congregation to view everything they do as valuable and essential for beautifying nature and serving others.

As a demonstration of their commitment to service, parishioners, under the able guidance of the Parish Pastoral Council, cooked food for around 1200 people, of which 250 meals were generously provided to the inmates of Prashanth Nivas, Jeppu. The participation of more than 900 people in the festal celebration reflected the vibrant community spirit of the faithful.

The main sponsorship for the event was graciously provided by Mr Jossy & Mr. Alwyn Lynette D’Souza, while all other items for the parish day celebration were sponsored by the parishioners themselves, exemplifying their dedication to their faith and community.

Overall, the Eucharistic Celebration of St. Joseph the Worker Feast was a joyous occasion marked by unity, service, and reflection on the importance of work in the Christian faith.