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St Aloysius Institutions invite its alumni to join “The Final Call”

July 11, 2020

Mangaluru: St Aloysius College wishes to unite all Alumni across the globe and collectively strengthen the Alumni base and student interactions towards constructive development.

We believe that Aloysian-Alumni and student power can change the world around us for the better. The world has witnessed a challenge like no other and is down at its knees with the Pandemic Covid-19 shaking us all.
As we do our part in saving ourselves and our loved ones, there are also many bigger fires burning beneath the rubble of ignorance, blindness, and carelessness. We wish to unite and synergize allAloysians across the globe joining hands and make a difference.

In our first attempt, we wish to live another day to make more things possible. There is only so little of the abundance left to be killed/ destroyed on our planet – Earth. Our planet is dying a fast death and is on a no-return ticket. We will perish if something is not done now!

Aloysians have been recognized to have embedded knowledge and service with the motto “Shine to Enkindle”. Here is another compelling reason for us to rise to the occasion and do our part in saving our planet – Earth.

We hereby seek your Aloysian spirit on saving the planet by joining your voice to “The Final Call” and do your bit with whatever dear to you in saving our planet – Earth.

With this prelude, we introduce the first project “Save the Planet” intended to bring 5000 plus Aloysian alumni from across the globe connected to join their voices along with equal or more number of students in one of the biggest choruses ever “The Final Call ” will be broadcast on a world premiere soon.

Here is an Invitation to you Aloysians to join your voice to “The Final Call”
Join the biggest chorus ever to unite Aloysians across the globe to do their best in saving our Planet – Earth by clicking on the link below.