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St Aloysius holds National Workshop to commemorate 72nd Constitution Day

November 30, 2021

Mangaluru: To commemorate 72nd Constitution Day, Department of Political Science, St Aloysius (Autonomous) College, Mangaluru along with Department of Studies and Research in Political Science, Tumkur University and Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru organized two days online National Workshop titled “Constitution of India: Transcription, Transformation and Legitimacy” on 25 and 26 November 2021 through Zoom platform.

The Objective of the workshop was to ensure discourse and debates on the transcript, transformation and legitimacy regarding contemporary socio-political issues associated with the Constitution and various organs of the Government. The workshop basically focussed on students’ research paper presentation on main and sub-themes of the workshop. From St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru eight students presented papers. 

The Programme was presided by Professor Sai Baba, Registrar, Ramaiah University of applied Sciences, Bangaluru and Dr Rose Veera Dsouza Dean of Arts Faculty & HOD Political Science, St. Aloysius (Autonomous) College Mangaluru.

The Presidential remarks from each institution delivered by Col. (Prof.) Y. S Seddegowda Vice-Chancellor, Tumkur University, Professor Anindya Sen Pro Vice-Chancellor, School of Social Sciences Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangaluru and Dr Norbert Lobo, Director, Arts Faculty, St Aloysius (Autonomous) College, Mangaluru.

Aneena V George and Nissy Marriam Jacob of II BA, presented an analysis of two case studies- Kesavananda Bharathi Case and Minerva Mill case respectively. Aneena highlighted the   basic structure doctrine as laid down by Kesavanda Bharathi Case and its reaffirmation by other judicial pronouncements. Likewise, Nissy brought out the balance of relations between fundamental rights and directive principles reaffirmed under the Minerva Mills case. Delona I BA in her paper, “The Right to Information Act and its implicit as guaranteed by the Constitution”, dwelled on RTI right from the historical relevance, the democratic tools, the challenges faced by the implementation agency and issues recently encountered in its functioning in the light of its amendment in 2019.

Disha K, I BA most articulately described the lives of Dalit women in a period when they suffered caste as well as gender discrimination in her paper—“Feminism in Dr Ambedkar’s philosophy and its presence in the Constitution”. Here she recognized the feminist side of Ambedkar’s philosophy as well as his efforts in improving the lives of Dalit women as well as status of other women. Vidhula Kodira Lokesh II BA dwelt on the concept of social justice during its stage of origin and in the Indian context in her paper, “Social Justice and Civil Society in a Post- Colonial State: Experience of India”. She analysed critically the extent to which the principle of social justice has been realised while at the same time being undermined by the existing adversary forces. Hence the need for the efforts by the civil society was most stressed by Vidhula for sake of accelerating the achievement of social justice. Letitia D Costa, II BA in “The Right to Privacy in the Internet era and the need for regulation” research paper outlined the legalities and the implications of the right to privacy in individual and corporate worlds that affects functionality and ethical conduct. She highlighted various aspects of the Justice Puttaswamy Case which could provide a base for personal liberty within the digitalised society today. Kushi, I BA captured the saga of freedom of speech and expression, fair criticism with the help of relevant case studies in “Right to Freedom: An Entitlement of all Human”. Athena, II B.Com. focused on constitutional validity of anti-conversion laws from the perspective of secular principle her paper titled “Anti Conversion Laws – A constitutional perspective”. Research scholars from various institutions presented their papers too.

Dr Sylvia Raha, Asst Prof, Dept of Sociology, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences proposed vote of thanks.

The Valedictory programme of the online National Workshop was held on 26 November 2021 at 3.30 PM. The welcome address by Mr Valmiki Rama Krishna Coordinator & Asst Prof. Department of Political Science, Tumkur University. Dr Chetan Singai, Associate Prof & Deputy Director, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences and Maria Shaila DSouza Assistant Professor, St Aloysius (Autonomous) College, Mangaluru gave introductory remarks. 

During the valedictory of the workshop an Oath for national integration was read by the students of St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru.