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St Aloysius (Deemed to be University) hosts International Conference “Reshaping the Future: Exploring Challenges and Innovations in Business & Education” 

March 16, 2024

Mangaluru: The Department of PG Studies and Research in Commerce and the Department of Chemistry at St. Aloysius (Deemed to be University) hosted an inaugural ceremony for its International Conference titled “Reshaping the Future: Exploring Challenges and Innovations in Business & Education” and “Transformative Chemistry for a Sustainable Future.” Distinguished personalities from academia and industry graced the occasion, emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts in addressing global challenges and fostering innovation.

The event, held at the prestigious Eric Mathias Hall, commenced with an auspicious invocation, setting the tone for a day of insightful discussions and knowledge exchange. Prof. Dr. M. S. Moodithaya, Vice Chancellor of Nitte (Deemed to be University), presided over the ceremony as the Chief Guest, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary approaches in shaping the future of education and business. He congratulated the new Vice Chancellor and explained the responsibilities that one has to take over as they move ahead to the status of a Deemed University. He also expressed the importance of channeling youth and harnessing the demographic dividend.

Dr. Moodithaya was joined by esteemed Guests of Honour, including Dr. Marc Tomljanovich, Dr. Marc Harris, Deans from the Lambardo College of Business and the College of Science & Technology at Millersville University, and Dr. Dan Kulmala, Assistant Vice President of International Programs & Global Engagement at Millersville University, USA, respectively. Their presence underscored the global collaboration and exchange of ideas facilitated by such conferences.

On this special occasion, St. Aloysius (Deemed to be University) and Millersville University, USA, sealed a significant partnership with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The agreement aims to foster academic collaboration, student exchange programs, and joint research initiatives between the two esteemed institutions.

Dr. Dan Kulmala, Assistant Vice President of International Programs & Global Engagement at Millersville University, USA, shared insights into the evolving landscape of international education and the role of partnerships in promoting academic excellence and cultural understanding. He expressed the importance of international partnerships and academic exchange to harness the power of diversity and reshape the future of education.

The book of abstracts on “Transformative Chemistry for a Sustainable Future” was unveiled, marking a significant milestone in the realm of scientific literature. Compiled with contributions from leading researchers and scholars, the book offers insights into innovative approaches shaping the future of chemistry.

The inaugural ceremony also saw the esteemed presence of Rev. Fr. Melwin Joseph Pinto SJ, Rector of St. Aloysius Institutions, and Rev. Dr. Praveen Martis SJ, Vice Chancellor of the university, who reiterated the institution’s commitment to fostering intellectual growth and societal impact.

The conference conveners, Ms. Shreya Bhaktha, Ms. Jennifer Maria Quadras, Head of the M.Com program, and Mr. Joyan DSouza, Head of M.Com (Finance & Analytics), along with Dr. Rachael Mary, Head of the Department of Chemistry, were present on the dais.

As the international conference commences its proceedings, scholars, researchers, and industry practitioners from around the world gather to deliberate on innovative solutions and strategies for building a sustainable future.

The event concluded with a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm for the insightful discussions and collaborations that lie ahead, reaffirming St. Aloysius (Deemed to be University)’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and societal impact on a global scale.

After the inaugural program, four sessions were taken by eminent scholars on various topics in chemistry, among which three were offline and one was online and was held at Sanidhya Hall.

The first session was presided over by Dr. Marc Harris, Dean of the College of Science and Technology at Millersville University, USA. Prof. Marc Harris, Dean of the College of Science and Technology at Millersville University, delved into the intricate realm of inorganic chemistry during his talk on “Host/Guest Inorganic Chemistry of Bipyridine Oligomer Systems.” With expertise and insight, Prof. Harris elucidated the complex interactions within these systems, shedding light on their potential applications. Attendees were captivated by his elucidation, which emphasized the significance of fundamental research in driving scientific innovation. Prof. Harris’s talk underscored Millersville University’s commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of chemistry.

Dr. Geetha Balakrishna, Director and Professor at the Center for Nano and Material Sciences, Jain University, took over the second session. She delved into the realm of renewable energy with her insightful session on “Tandem Perovskite Devices.” Addressing a keen audience of scholars and researchers, Dr. Balakrishna elucidated the potential of tandem perovskite devices in revolutionizing the solar energy landscape. Her expertise shed light on the latest advancements, highlighting the promise of increased efficiency and affordability in solar energy generation. Attendees were inspired by Dr. Balakrishna’s vision for a sustainable future, showcasing Jain University’s dedication to pioneering research in renewable energy technologies.

The third session was hosted online by Dr. Nonappa, Associate Professor at Tampere University, Finland. He explained about the promising realm of “Bio-based Materials for Sustainable Optical Fibers.” Addressing a diverse audience of academics, researchers, and industry professionals, Dr. Nonappa elucidated the potential of utilizing renewable resources in the production of optical fibers, highlighting their sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Drawing upon his expertise in materials science and engineering, Dr. Nonappa showcased innovative approaches to developing bio-based optical fibers, emphasizing their reduced environmental impact and enhanced performance compared to traditional materials.

At the heart of academic exploration and innovation, the International Conference on Chemistry witnessed a flurry of intellectual exchange as scholars and researchers showcased their work through oral and poster presentations.

In the prestigious Maagis Hall located within the Admin Block, attendees were treated to a series of compelling oral presentations. Scholars from various disciplines captivated the audience with their research findings, covering a diverse range of topics from quantum dots to advances in organic chemistry. The vibrant discussions that followed each presentation underscored the depth of knowledge and expertise present at the event.

Meanwhile, over at the picturesque Mother Teresa Peace Park, the poster presentation session unfolded amidst a serene backdrop. Scholars displayed their research projects on colorful posters, inviting attendees to engage with their work visually. A total of 66 abstracts were presented.

The last session was presided over by Dr Sankeerth Hebbar. Dr. Hebbar delved into the fundamental principles underlying NMR spectroscopy, elucidating how the interaction of atomic nuclei with magnetic fields provides valuable insights into molecular structure and dynamics. He elaborated on the practical aspects of NMR experiments, discussing sample preparation, data acquisition, and spectral interpretation techniques.

The International Conference on Transformative Chemistry for a Sustainable Future culminated in a resounding success with its valedictory ceremony held at Sanidhya Hall on March 15, 2024. The event, which commenced at 3:45 pm, marked the conclusion of insightful discussions and collaborative efforts towards advancing sustainable practices in the field of chemistry.

Distinguished guests graced the occasion, including Chief Guest Dr. Narayan Bhat, Director of Xavier Block, whose address underscored the importance of transformative chemistry in addressing global challenges. The ceremony was presided over by Rev. Dr. Melwyn DCunha, SJ.

Dr. Ronald Nazareth, Director of International and Domestic Relations; Dr. Rachael Mary, Head of the Department of Chemistry; and Ms. Shreya Bhakta K, Convener of the event, were on the dais.

The event included the distribution of awards for the top papers in both the oral and poster categories.

The valedictory ceremony served as a platform to recognize the contributions of scholars, researchers, and industry experts in advancing the discourse on sustainable chemistry. Attendees departed with renewed enthusiasm and a commitment to implementing sustainable practices in their respective fields.

As the curtains closed on the International Conference, the spirit of collaboration and innovation continued to resonate, paving the way for a future where chemistry plays a central role in building a more sustainable and equitable world.