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St Agnes PU College organizes ‘EUREKA’– A torrent of talents for students of II PUC

July 19, 2023

Mangaluru: Cultural activities that enhance the quest for knowledge and understanding play a crucial role in enriching students’ lives; such activities foster personal growth and promote deeper insight into what is happening around us.

St Agnes PU College, known for its value-based education, organized ‘EUREKA’– A torrent of talents for students of II PUC, on July 18, 2023. The students showcased their innate talents through the following competitions:

  • Science drama: SC – Enact – Dramatic performance- to ignite the spark within the budding scientists
  • Sale-add: Pitch Perfect – Effective and persuasive advertisements to promote products
  • Street plays—alleyway theatre—awareness on social issues—to convey a message on promoting social transformation

The students enjoyed all the activities as talent combined the art of theatre with the wonders of science, digital marketing, and social issues, allowing performers to entertain and educate in a unique and engaging way.

‘EUREKA’ – 2K23 was inaugurated by Sr Norine DSouza, the Principal, Sr Janet Sequeira, the Vice- Principal and Mrs Joanne Sheethal, the Convenor. The inaugural idea was indeed innovative and colourful. The programme began with a prayer song and welcome dance. Students participated enthusiastically in the games conducted by the Lecturers.

Sr Norine DSouza, the Principal, in her address, urged students to believe in themselves and to make use of every ‘EUREKA’ moment of their lives to emerge as winners.

II BEBA/BSBA Batch emerged as Champions of ‘EUREKA’– 2k23, and II PCMB ‘A’ and PCMB ‘B’ Batches were the Runners-up.

The amalgamation of the Science, commerce, and Arts streams was successful in celebrating the diverse talents of the students and fostering meaningful connections. The programme was compered by Ms Alisha Thimmaiah and Ms Ayesha Amani proposed the vote of thanks. It was indeed a EUREKA moment for all the future Scientists and Entrepreneurs at SAPUC.