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Spark Ignited! Rohan Creators Meet 2024 Connects and Empowers Mangalore’s Content Warriors

January 20, 2024

Mangaluru: The energy crackled like static electricity on Saturday, January 20th, as Rohan Corporation brought together Mangalore’s vibrant content creators for the Rohan Creators Meet 2024. The air at AJ Grand buzzed with excitement as over 50+ passionate creators from diverse backgrounds—bloggers, photographers, videographers, music makers, and more—united under one roof to network, learn, and ignite their creative spark.

Notable attendees included influencers such as Sharan Chilimbi, Prajwal Shetty, Mokshith Poojary, Sahil Rai, Hera Pinto, Mangalore Meri Jaan, Soujanya Hegde, and many other prominent figures in the social media landscape. Their presence added an extra layer of excitement and expertise to the event.

Rohan Monterio, the visionary managing director of Rohan Corporation, graced the occasion and addressed the talented assembly of content creators. Rohan Monterio commended the creators for their outstanding work and encouraged them to continue their efforts in promoting Mangalore as a brand through their unique content.

During his address, Rohan Monterio expressed his company’s commitment to fostering collaboration with the creative minds present at the event. He highlighted the openness of Rohan Corporation to support and engage in meaningful partnerships with creators possessing innovative ideas. He emphasized the potential of collaboration as a driving force for mutual growth.

“The content creators present here today have the power to shape perceptions and contribute significantly to the promotion of Mangalore as a thriving brand. Rohan Corporation is eager to collaborate and support any promising ideas that align with our vision for the region,” stated Rohan Monterio.

The event, characterized by insightful discussions, engaging activities, and valuable networking opportunities, left a lasting impression on both creators and attendees. The Rohan Creators Meet 2024 showcased the potential for synergy between social media influencers and corporate entities, fostering a creative ecosystem that promotes the growth of Mangalore as a vibrant and unique brand.”