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SJEC’s Team HiveLink featured among the Top 3 Student Innovations at NASTech 2023

November 27, 2023

Mangaluru: In a groundbreaking display of technological ingenuity, Team HiveLink from St Joseph Engineering College Mangaluru was showcased among the Top 3 Student Innovations in the State of Karnataka at NASSCOM’s NASTech 2023. The event, held at the Radisson Blu Bengaluru on November 24, 2023, brought together industry leaders such as Unisys, MARG, Aisteth, Vyli Health, and Xyma Analytics, showcasing a plethora of innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

NASTech 2023, held across 8 cities in India, promotes the transformative role of technology in driving innovation, serving as a nexus for unveiling the latest technological trends and breakthroughs and ultimately identifying their potential impact on diverse industries and businesses. This prestigious event congregated tech enthusiasts, industry luminaries, researchers, policymakers, and thought leaders, fostering a collaborative environment to shape a positive future driven by technology.

At the heart of this accolade is Team HiveLink’s ingenious creation—an AI-powered device revolutionizing beekeeping. Crafted by students at SJEC, the HiveLink device serves as a comprehensive solution for beekeepers, offering real-time hive management capabilities to enhance productivity. Cost-effective and seamlessly integrated, the add-on device empowers beekeepers to monitor critical challenges such as swarming, absconding, pest infections, hive falls, and theft through the Hivelink App interface. Notably, the Aadhar-enabled mobile application aligns with the Sweet Revolution initiative of the Government of India, providing policymakers with invaluable insights into modern beekeeping practices.

Led by Mr. Ajwin Dsouza, a final-year Electrical Engineering student and passionate beekeeper, Team HiveLink has Mr. Abdul Basith and Ms. Deepthi P from the Electrical Engineering department, along with Ms. Viola Rodrigues and Mr. Joywin Bennis from Computer Science Engineering and Mr. Joshua Quinthino Albuquerque from Electronics & Communication Engineering. The team is guided by Mr. Glenson Toney, Training Coordinator at the Training & Placement Cell and Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SJEC, along with Dr. K. T. Vijayakumar, Assistant Professor at the Department of Apiculture, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.

BeeLink’s vision of redefining beekeeping is a tangible step towards a future where low-cost technological interventions empower and elevate agriculture. The HiveLink project not only promises to reshape the landscape of beekeeping but also opens new doors for beekeepers to connect with markets, ensuring a prosperous future for this crucial segment of agriculture. As the buzz around HiveLink reverberates, it stands as a testament to the brilliance of the team and the potential of technology to transform traditional practices into futuristic success stories.