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SAC holds Lecture on Gyrochronology of Stars

August 29, 2023

Mangaluru: The Department of Physics, St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore, recently organised a lecture on the topic “Gyrochronology, A Route to the Ages of Stars” in Robert Sequeira Hall of the College. Dr Sydney A. Barnes, an international scientist at the Leibniz Institute of Astronomy, Germany, delivered a scientific lecture.

Dr. Sydney opened up many interesting facts related to the stars in his lecture. Rotation plays an important role in the lives of stars. The age of stars can be determined from this rotation period. The idea of using the rotation of the stars as a chronometer is called Gyrochronology. Experimental studies of rotation play an important role in stellar astrophysics. It is possible to scientifically study the evolution of stars from birth, childhood, youth and maturity through the theories of Gyrochronology. He opined that Gyrochronology is a beacon for understanding the beautiful life between birth and death of stars. There are no limits to studying the sky for students interested in astronomy. He instilled interest in astronomy among the young students by saying that sky observation and the study of stars would always bring joy to the students.

In his presidential remarks, the principal, Rev. Dr. Praveen Martis, SJ, said that the students of science should look at every subject scientifically at every level. They should look at every result of science with curiosity, understand it, and become involved in new discoveries.

The program was attended by PUC graduate and postgraduate students and faculty. The Director of Xavier Block, Dr Narayana Bhat, was present.

Head of the Physics Department, Dr Ishwara Bhat, introduced the resource person and welcomed the gathering. Shiny, III B.Sc., compered the programme. Dr Chandrasekhara Shetty, Associate Professor, proposed a vote of thanks.

There was an interactive session held at the end of the program where the resource person clarified many of the students queries.