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Positive Teacher-Student Relationship Leads to Better Classroom Environment

January 3, 2023

Article by: Ashish Joseph Carvalho

Student life is a life that we all have experienced and passed through it. We had made friends, had fun, studied and enjoyed every single day. We all had come across many people in our student life and one among them are our beloved school teachers. I am quite sure that you remember your favourite teacher even today. We remember and often recall the good times spent at school especially sharing the food that we used to carry from our home. Some of us even remember a gist of the lessons taught by the teacher. Few of you may remember the punishments received for the mischiefs done at school both as an individual and as a group. It is interesting to know that some of the students come back to their school after many years to meet their teachers and talk to them. When you recall all these wonderful memories you may agree with me that student life was one among the best life that we had in our lifetime.

A teacher always looks forward in bringing out the best from his/her students. It is the duty of a teacher to teach not only the school related subjects but also the basic moral values of life. A good teacher will never hesitate to provide corrections whenever a student does a mistake. A teacher scolds, punishes or gives imposition to write just to make a student realise his/her mistake and bring that particular student to the right track.

Students who encounter a bad experience with their teachers during their school time will hate them even today. In fact these students fail to understand the positive side of those teachers who punish them. While few take it negatively, many others have taken it positively and have considered their teachers as a source inspiration, guidance and motivation in their life’s journey.