Bored? Try these 10 ways to drive out boredom

-Vanessa Fernandes

Boredom hits hard and suddenly our brains seem to come to a dead end. You can try out these new ways to drive away boredom and keep your mind engaged.

    1.Gardening. Gardening is an easy way to lift your moods.Your garden needs you the most this time of the year, rains mean an abrupt growth of grass everywhere and many unwanted plants. Routinely, pluck out that unwanted flora and let your plants breathe easy. 

    2.Nail art and hairstyling. Well, this one’s for the ladies. Nail art and hairstyling are two very interesting aspects when it comes to something fun to do. Look up for youtube tutorials or classes which offer such a course. Just ask your stylist where you could sign up for one. 

    3.Reading!! Old is gold, isn’t it? Reading is a sure shot way of driving away boredom and yes, it always helps. You can choose from international and Indian authors alike. Authors like Paulo Coelho, Jeffrey Archer , William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy and closer home to Robin Sharma , PreetiShenoy, Amish, DurjoyDatta, offer a varied range of bestsellers and inspirational books. 

    4.Cooking. If cooking is something youlike, then you can try out a new cuisine or improvise an old dish. This helps keep you engaged without being bored .Hey, it’smasterchef season and you may want to log onto www.masterchef.cominteresting recipes. 

    5.Zumba. Same old exercises are pretty bland and that’s why, I suggest zumba. You don’t have to be a pro dancer to learn this. It’s pretty easy, and fun. You can sign up for zumba classes nearby as every fitness centre offers it. No time for classes? No problem. You always have youtube. You can learn from various you tube tutorials and driveout your boredom. 

    6.Movies. With a lot great movies and sequels this year, you can always opt to watch a movie with your friends or family. Hollywood offers you The Conjuring 2, Finding Dory, Warcraft, Independence day, Suicide squad andUdta Punjab, sultan, Dangal, Mohenjodaro from Bollywood.. Let’s just say 2016 is the year of movie buffs. 

    7.Online dating. If you’re still on the hunt for that ‘someone special’ then you can try online dating. Sounds risky, but it’s pretty smooth if you play it safe. You can choose from a range of apps like Trulymadly, Tinder, okcupid,HowAboutWe, Hinge, Bumble etc. You meet new people and it also adds a boost to your personality, making you socially aware and active. 

    8.Learn a new language. Being multilingual is a very rare quality in itself and can up your personality. Learn a new language to enhance your skills and to keep your brain active thereby avoiding boredom. You can try apps like Duolingo, Memrise, and Busuu to help you learn. 

    9.Redecorate. Redecorating brings out the creativity in you. You can decorate or redecorate any object, like a pot, vase, shelf, or ever your simple phone case. Using simple craft materials like glitters, paint, stickers, ribbons etc you can transform simple daily items to creative ones. 

    10.Get a wardrobe makeover. You don’t need to shell out on clothing or shopping. Just combining some old with new does the trick. Your old pair of jeans can be converted into rugged jeans just by making smalls tears on the fabric with a blade, giving you a stylish look. Men can combine plain t-shirts with colourful shirts for a refreshed look. Women can opt to mix and match simple kurtas with bold dupattas or even simple t-shirts with colourful stoles. Use your creativity to bring out the best in your wardrobe. 

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