Coming from a family that gives priority to animals, I have grown up with pets around. The joy of having adorable, innocent creatures as companions, guarantees friendship, associated with a high definition of loyalty, for a sustainable amount of time. Animals, by their very look, soothe the mind and enhance one’s mood. Connecting with them has long term benefits, making life meaningful.

If you’re looking to include a pet in your family, I suggest the option of adoption from shelter homes. Street animals found in pitiable conditions are picked up and given a dignified life in shelter homes. With the intention of providing a well deserved second chance, adoption of animals should be considered on a serious note. The advantage here lies in giving you the opportunity to choose from a wide array of animals desperately looking for a home. There are various breeds of dogs, cats, birds and domestic animals you could help, by sharing your home. For those of you, with an interest, but inability to adopt animals, there is also the option of sponsoring for the care of a chosen animal. A renowned shelter home for neglected animals, in Mangaluru is the Animal Care Trust in Shaktinagar, to where a visit will leave you mesmerized. 

Being an animal lover, and a strong supporter of pet adoption, I can assure you certain long lasting benefits. Firstly, having pets at home reduces stress to a bare minimum. The joy and obligation that comes with taking care of pets will leave you with no time to ponder over unpleasant situations. And what about the time you need for your busy routine? That stays untouched. It probably will upgrade your performance if it changes anything at all. On a completely honest note, I feel it is these irrational beings that show us how to live our lives, more than any human can teach. They inculcate in us values of trust, loyalty, friendship and dedication which attract satisfaction and happiness in life. By saving creatures that give you fellowship, you save yourself in a lot of ways which you will discover in your term as a pet owner. The benefits of adoption do not stop here, without you knowing, you would’ve inspired your neighbors and friends to consider adoption. Thus, you get back in double, what you invest on your pet. You adopt a pet and thereby adopt bundles of joy to surround your life with.

As the French novelist, Anatole France said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” 

-Athena Aranha

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