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Microservices Pioneer Fred George Inspires Innovation at SJEC’s Tech Talk in Collaboration with EG India

September 16, 2023

Mangalore, India, September 15, 2023: The iconic co-discoverer of MicroServices, Mr. Fred George, left an indelible mark at the St. Joseph Engineering College (SJEC) Mangaluru campus with his profound insights into coding. The talk was hosted in collaboration with EG India, a leading provider of Nordic vertical software solutions, on September 16, 2023. Fred’s presentation delved into the art of solving complex problems through a Microservices approach, emphasizing the need to build from the ground up. He defined Microservices as exceedingly small programs, typically under 100 lines of code, characterized by loose coupling and self-monitoring capabilities.

Fred introduced a novel approach by using the analogies of Rapids, Rivers, and Ponds to describe the inner workings of a MicroService. Rapids symbolize the concept of handling every event in memory (RAM), Rivers group events by themes or categories, while Ponds serve as mechanisms for managing event states. The discussion also highlighted the significance of High-Performance tools such as Apache Kafka for managing asynchronous services within the Microservices architecture.

Mr. Anand Fernandes, CEO of EG India, expressed pride in their collaboration with SJEC and commended the successful HackToFuture Hackathon co-hosted with SJEC Mangaluru, which opened doors to more promising engagements. He opined that interaction with a luminary of his stature, Mr. Fred George, has bestowed upon budding engineers an exquisite opportunity to unearth inspiration and embark on a great start to their careers. Mr. Jeevan D’Souza, Country HR Lead / HR Business Partner of EG India, discussed the organization’s commitment to a flat work culture and its remarkable achievement of zero attrition in a volatile market scenario. He emphasized the company’s intent to make a positive impact on the community.

Dr. Rio D’Souza, Principal of SJEC, described this as an iconic moment, as the institution had the privilege of hosting the esteemed Mr. Fred George, known as the Grandfather of MicroServices. The event was graced by the presence of SJEC’s Director, Fr. Wilfred Prakash D’Souza, Dr. Purushothama Chippar, Vice Principal, Mr. Rakesh Lobo, HR Manager, and the EG India team.

EG India’s continued collaboration with SJEC underscores their unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and technical excellence. In April 2023, EG India and SJEC Mangaluru jointly organized “HackToFuture,” a nationwide 24-hour hackathon hosted at SJEC Campus in Vamanjoor. The event witnessed participation from more than 100 institutions across the country, providing a platform for tech enthusiasts and aspiring professionals to collaborate on innovative projects spanning various fields, including energy and sustainability, social innovation, healthcare, and finance. Beyond being a competition, HackToFuture encouraged participants to seize the opportunity to learn and enhance their skills.

This event serves as yet another testament to SJEC and EG India’s mission to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing within the technology community. By partnering with institutions like SJEC Mangaluru, EG India continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing innovation and preparing the next generation of tech professionals for the challenges of the digital age.