Mangalore: Confraternity Sunday celebrated at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Madanthyar

Mangalore, Dec 04: The Confraternity Sunday ('Kompricho Aitar') of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Madanthyar was celebrated on Sunday, 2nd December 2018, as a preparation for the annual feast celebration was held on December 5th 2018. Rev. Fr. Anthony George Pinto -Scripture Professor, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore celebrated the solemn holy mass and preached the homily. 

After the Holy Mass, a majestic procession was taken out to honor the Holy Eucharist through the streets of Madanthyar. On this Blessed day, the entire parish community participated in huge numbers. Two sets of musical bands, beautifully decorated vehicle carrying the Holy Eucharist, the parish choir along with the prayerful singing of the parishioners, and the colourful decoration all along the way with quotes from the scripture added magnificence to the entire celebration. 

After the procession, the parishioners assembled at the church grounds to participate in the benediction that was again led by Rev. Fr. Anthony George Pinto. 

The ceremony helped the entire parish community to prepare spiritually for the annual feast of the parish. 

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