Mangalore: Annual Day of classes IV to VI at Mount Carmel Central School

Mangalore, December 01, 2018: The 11th Annual Day of classes IV to VI of Mount Carmel Central School was held in the school Auditorium. 

K. R. Naik, Inspector of Police, Kavoor, graced the occasion as Chief Guest of the evening. 

Four little MCs - Agastya, Gabrielle, Ciel, Tanisha, Samarth and Anas compered the programme, announcing event after event. 

The programme began with an invocation followed by a prayer dance. “Swagatham, Tavo Swagatham, Shubha Swagatham” a melodious welcome song. Sr. Melissa, the Principal then formally welcomed the gathering. 

National and international folk dances enthralled the audience. On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji , the students paid tribute to Gandhiji by enacting a play depicting his values and principles and how he drew great inspiration from the Sermon on the Mount and the beatitudes. 

The annual report was highlighted through a Power Point Presentation, after which meritorious students were honoured for their outstanding performances in the field of academics. 

The chief guest, Mr. K. R. Naik, said the standard of the school was clearly reflected in the perfection with which the programmes were carried out. 

He was reminded of his school days when things were much harder, but commented that nowadays students had every facility to perform well and excel. 

Mr Naik regretted that the ill-effects of modern gadgets such as mobiles, and internet, as well as the growing drug addictions among the youth, particularly ganja. 

He appealed the cooperation of all parents with the police to help save the children and give them a good future. He stated that it was the increased stress of today’s world that pushed children into all these habits. 

Expressing his concern, he appealed to the educational institutions to reduce the stress on the students, which would greatly help in the proper growth and development of all students and ensure a better and brighter future for the students and in turn, the nation. 

A lively group song brought smiles and set feet tapping, after which came the English skit – “The Awful Eight”, which imparted an insight into the destruction of the planet caused by Man’s greed. 

A nature dance, unfolding the five elements of Nature – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space followed as a fitting sequel to the English skit and enthralled the audience with its grace and beauty, whilst driving in the message of “Save Earth, live and let live”, as per the clarion call given by Pope Francis in “Laudato Si - On Care for Our Common Home.” 

The singing of the National Anthem brought the 11th Annual Day celebration of classes IV to VI to an end, as the MCs thanked the audience and bid them adieu. 

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