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Live Way of the Cross Draws Thousands in Cordel Holy Week Observance

March 26, 2024

MANGALURU26, 2024:  In a solemn observance marking the essence of Holy Week, the Holy Cross Church in Cordel (Kulashekara) witnessed a profound expression of faith as thousands of devotees, alongside priests and nuns from various city deanery parishes and institutions, participated in the Live Way of the Cross on March 25, 2024. The three-hour-long enactment, traversing the traditional stations of the cross, deeply moved the 3000-strong congregation, fostering an atmosphere of holiness and contemplation on the passion of Christ.

Under the leadership of Rev. Fr Clifford Fernandes, the parish priest of Cordel Church, alongside other priests from the deanery, religious sisters, parish pastoral parishad members, and faithful from city deanery parishes, the Way of the Cross was enacted for the first time. This collaborative effort highlighted a shared commitment to spiritual enrichment and community spirit.

The event commenced at 4:30 pm, with the Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr James Dsouza, the dean of the City Deanery and parish priest of Vamanjoor. As the faithful gathered within the sacred confines of the Holy Cross Church, a palpable sense of anticipation filled the air, setting the stage for an immersive spiritual journey.

Embarking on their solemn procession from the church entrance, the participants, guided by volunteers, proceeded along the route, pausing at significant waypoints including St Michael’s Grotto, the playground, Cordel Hall, and finally returning to the church grounds’ stage. The final four stations were reverently conducted within the tranquil surroundings of the Calvary Cross Garden, amplifying the solemnity of the occasion.

A poignant moment unfolded during the 12th station as Rev. Fr Leo Lasrado delivered a stirring sermon from the foot of the cross, inspiring deep reflection among the faithful gathered. His words, laden with profound meaning, resonated with the hearts of all present, serving as a touching reminder of the sacrifices made for humanity’s redemption.

A noteworthy addition to this year’s enactment was the participation of around 50 actors, who lent their talents to bring the scenes of Christ’s passion to life, adding a deeper layer of immersion and reflection for the congregation.

The Live Way of the Cross not only served as a spiritual cornerstone of Holy Week observances but also encapsulated the communal spirit and reverence shared among believers across Cordel. It was a testament to the enduring significance of faith and tradition in fostering unity and devotion within the community.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting its golden hues upon the gathered faithful, the Live Way of the Cross drew to a close, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts and souls of all those who participated. In its wake, it reaffirmed the enduring power of the Easter message and the transformative journey towards redemption and renewal.

In the tranquil aftermath of the procession, amidst whispered prayers and quiet contemplation, the essence of Holy Week reverberated through the hallowed halls of the Holy Cross Church, offering solace and hope to all who sought the embrace of divine grace.

Pics by Simon Photography Derebail
Report by Canara Communication Centre